The Left Just Stepped up Its Attacks Against You to New Heights

By now, you’ve probably seen the news that financial institutions like Venmo and PayPal have shut down the accounts of a group called “Gays Against Groomer.” The group described itself as “a coalition of gays against the sexualization, indoctrination, and medicalization of children.” It’s a cause that most everyone would be able to get behind in a sane society, but we don’t live in one.

It also gets worse.

At the same time that Venmo and PayPal cut off their means of funding, Google banned their accounts making it difficult to effectively communicate with the group. While they haven’t yet lost their Twitter account, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the hammer drop sometime soon.

(READ: PayPal, Venmo, and Google Cut off Group Fighting to Protect Children From Groomers)

Not to sound cliche but this is a perfect example of “they came for X but I was Y so I said nothing.” I can’t help but think that Venmo, Google, and PayPal attacked the group because they’re testing the waters. As Nick Arama wrote in her initial report about this incident, this isn’t even the first time silicon valley overlords waved their hand and made people disappear from the board:

This isn’t the first time this has happened, we’ve already reported on the effort of Big Tech to control speech, with the White House even colluding with the social media companies and discussing people and things they want to be taken down. We even saw the FBI reaching out to Facebook — as Mark Zuckerberg admitted — trying to flag “Russian disinformation” which ultimately ended up getting the Hunter Biden story stomped on. We wrote last week about how finance companies were going to start tracking your gun purchases and potentially flagging them, effectively acting like a de facto gun registry.

The simultaneous action strongly suggests there was some sort of collusion here and that leads one to start asking questions about who started the process. Based on the fact that Democrats are openly communicating with these tech companies, we can guess that it was started when some Democrat in office, or at least one of their employees, got wind of the group and decided that a group of homosexuals speaking out against the mainstream LGBT narrative is way too dangerous.

And so, the group was effectively un-personed on very major platforms, two of which are used to give and receive money and one of which was the largest search engine and message delivery system in the world.

We already know that credit card companies are obeying leftist agenda items by looking into denying purchases at gun stores. Now you can’t be a certain identity and speak out against people in your community using kids as a blank canvas on which to paint their own personal beliefs on.

At this point, you’re likely asking yourself “what’s next.” The answer is “you.”

This is one of the most slippery slopes you’ll ever find our civilization on. If they can shut down a group simply because they think they pose a threat to the narrative then what happens when your group becomes successful? What happens when you say something that resonates with people and they decide to shut down monetary access to your business because it inconvenienced a leftist?

This is a new level of cancel culture that would make you wish for the days when it was just Twitter mobs calling businesses to fire employees. This is straightforward societal warfare and what you just saw was a shot across your bow. This wasn’t just about a single group, this was a warning.

It’s your wallets that they’ll come for now, and once they’ve got you by the bank account they can really do some damage.

Speak out and speak out loudly against the things these companies are doing. Join the people defending Gays Against Groomers. Influence others to do so too. Make sure that it’s understood that the people who are against this are the majority. Rally people to the cause.

Then vote accordingly.


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