Disney's Ship Is Clearly Sinking as Numbers Show Its Latest Offering Is Hardly Bringing in Audiences

They brought it upon themselves and I can’t think of a company that deserves it more.

Disney didn’t just stick its toe into the realm of politics, it leaped off a cliff and cannonballed into society’s largest manure pile. What’s more, it decided to lean into radical leftism and all the social justice causes that go with it. Its focus became more on diversity and inclusion, feminism, and LGBT causes to the point of being divisive. This was reflected in the shows it created, causing characters and storylines to become dull, predictable, and sometimes infuriatingly preachy.


As a result, Disney is bleeding viewers and its latest offering has fallen flat on its face, so much so that its pilot episode did not even register within the top 10 list of most-watched streaming shows.

We now have the numbers for the much-heralded but seldom watched “She-Hulk Attorney at Law” and it’s not pretty. According to Bounding Into Comics, the show failed to reach the Nielsen streaming content rating list, being beaten out by shows you’ve probably never heard of such as “Instant Dream Home” on Netflix.

Bounding reported that it’s still unclear if “She-Hulk” is the least watched show on Disney’s streaming platform as of right now, but it’s definitely sitting somewhere in the dregs:

Regardless, the show not making the charts is the first Marvel Studios show to not make Nielsen’s Top 10 Original chart. As noted above, Ms. Marvel placed 10th when it debuted with 259 million minutes.

Moon Knight, which debuted on March 30th, was 6th on the Nielsen chart at the time with 418 million minutes viewed.

Hawkeye’s two episode premiere on November 24, 2021 saw viewing minutes hit 853 million.

Loki had 731 million minutes viewed when it premiered back in June 2021. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier premiered with 495 million minutes viewed in March 2021.

Finally, WandaVision was viewed 434 million minutes when it premiered back in January 2021.


It’s likely that Disney eroded the goodwill of its audience with programs that continued to inject more and more social justice messaging into its programs no matter what property they were presenting. This message-first story writing has infected everything from Pixar to Star Wars and Marvel hasn’t been spared.

To think, Marvel used to be a cant-miss multi-billion dollar franchise that now can’t seem to attract the audiences that it used to. While some of that can surely be blamed on superhero fatigue, the majority of the complaints come from bad story writing and boring characters, as well as the injection of politics where it doesn’t belong.

She-Hulk, in particular, was slammed relentlessly for its opening episode featuring a feminist rant from the lead character about how good she is at controlling her anger while getting angry, and ranting to a male character that’s had infinitely far greater hardship than her. It was a moment that was lambasted across the internet, and the show never seemed to recover in reputation from it.

In fact, according to reports, it never tried and only continued to double down on its ridiculousness.


I’m sure the numbers aren’t going to get any better, and if the writers are doubling down on messaging in a show that is supposed to be for escapism, it’s likely they’ve dropped significantly, even from the opening episode.


Get woke, go broke.


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