What Abbott and DeSantis Did Was Right in Today's Political Battlefield

While I don’t expect cohesion on ideas, especially on the right, I was kind of shocked to see that some conservatives really felt that the actions were somehow damaging.

The argument that has been made to me is that doing this is somehow uncouth and that spreading the problem around to other parts of America will only make things worse. I even had one person tell me that Martha’s Vineyard should be applauded for shipping out the 50 illegal immigrants that DeSantis delivered there.

I’d like to tell you that these were just no-name Twitter accounts with only a handful of followers that might actually be Democrat plants. They weren’t. These were real people, and one of them is actually an editor at a relatively popular website.

The people who oppose this tactic think that the real solution is to simply govern well and work on selling solutions to the people.

I say that’s fighting a war half-assed.

I really, really wished we lived in a society where the best ideas would win every time. I hate that it’s not so simple as a society working hard and learning from its mistakes. If we lived in a time where straightforward thinking and honesty were values we all actually cherished, then I’d be the happiest person in the country.

Sadly, whatever civilization allowed for that kind of thing to flourish has long passed. This is the jungle baby. We live in the information age, and not every piece of information that comes down the pipe is going to be real but you can bet your kiester that there will be people out there who try to sell it as real in order to control people so they can gain power and money.

As I wrote last week, conservatives have every reason to despise a man like Saul Alinsky, but some of his methods were very successful because they played into human psychology. He wrote the playbook on how a political party can go on the offensive and be good at it.

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Abbott and DeSantis are utilizing the fourth rule, “make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.” As you’ve seen by now, the left that has been virtue signaling relentlessly can’t possibly do so or, more importantly, won’t. This allows for the utilization of the fifth rule, which is to ridicule and infuriate.

One thing Alinsky probably didn’t count on when he wrote his rules was the internet and how good at using it for their own purposes conservatives would become. Back then, the right was pretty stogy and strict and it was easy to shock them. This allowed the left to utilize tactics that kept the right on their heels and always playing defense.

Thanks to the internet, those roles have largely reversed. Now it’s the left that is consistently clutching pearls as it creates new rules societal rules that everyone has to follow or else. Moreover, they’ve gotten used to virtue signaling relentlessly. They’re better than you and they want you to know it.

Society has lived in fear of leftists. Being canceled and mobbed was right around the corner for those who disobeyed and everyone from politicians to mainstream media voices of all kinds would bow to them. Thanks to the internet, however, the right has been able to introduce information, make arguments, and rally people to the cause.

More importantly, they’ve been able to expose the true face of the left. Be it Project Veritas or Libs of TikTok, the left is losing its mask. It spent decades in the spotlight but it’s never truly been seen by the general populace until lately.

If they can be seen more than ever, then why not allow them to be seen as not living up to their own standards? Why not expose them not practicing what they preach to you? Why not allow the general populace to see how they work hard to live the lives they denounce you for wanting to live?

The value of this is incalculable and could have long-lasting effects. It could change hearts and minds to see that the emperor has no clothes.

We live in a time where fighting creatively is fighting well and Abbott and DeSantis are doing just that. We shouldn’t just stop at putting migrants on the doorsteps of virtue-signaling Democrat politicians. We should come up with even more ways to make them live up to their supposed standards and expose them as the liars and charlatans they actually are.

Because people are watching all the time and they should see these people who have sold them a fake persona for years. Give them the information that has been kept from them for decades. When that happens, we can watch as the culture begins to shift.


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