'The Little Mermaid' Controversy Takes a Hilarious Turn After Media Matters Falls for an Obvious Joke

The online debate over the skin color of the new Ariel in Disney’s upcoming live-action “The Little Mermaid” has seen some ridiculous takes. Still, the left is so ready to defend their claim that it’s only happening because everyone is racist that it took a joke from Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh very seriously.


According to the Daily Wire, the drama began when Media Matters’s Jason Campbell thought he had a “gotcha” moment when he shared a clip of Walsh calling the new Ariel’s black skin “unscientific.”

“From a scientific perspective, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to have someone with darker skin who lives deep in the ocean,” said Walsh. “I mean if anything, not only should the little mermaid be pale, she should also be translucent.”

This was followed by Walsh describing deep sea wildlife as horrific looking and translucent, saying that he’d watch the new movie if you could see Ariel’s skull through her head. He was clearly joking, but the left is the left and humor is something it has a hard time wrapping its head around.

Media Matters and other leftist news sites reached out to Walsh about his comments about translucent skin, and naturally, Walsh ran with it to create an entire movement around translucent-skinned people.

“I’m actually being accused of harboring racial favoritism for translucent people,” said Walsh. “I love it. This is great.”

The Daily Wire reported that one of the outlets that reached out to Walsh was GRV Media to which Walsh responded that he’s always been an advocate for the translucent:

When asked for a comment from GRV Media on his recent remarks about mermaids, Walsh kept up the act, writing in part that he’s “long been an advocate for the rights of translucent people.”

“I believe it is time we start giving these casting opportunities to this marginalized community. Translucent rights are human rights. Please include this entire statement in your report,” Walsh replied to the request.


Newsweek, always up for calling someone a racist, acknowledged that they know Walsh is joking but made it clear he was a racist anyway.

Yours truly even got in on the act.

The whole thing really shows you that the left takes racial politics so seriously that they can’t even laugh along with a simple joke. They see the obvious political move of making Ariel black worth defending at all costs and can’t even have people making light of it.

Sad way to be. It’d be a shame if more people started showing their support for translucent people’s rights and really got them upset.




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