Rand Paul Reveals His Plans for Fauci Once Republicans Take Congress

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul has been going hard on everything related to the COVID-19 virus and the subsequent reaction from authoritarian entities that effectively ruined countless lives in America. Judging by the way Paul has come down on everything involved with the virus, especially NIH head and lead White House advisor, Dr. Anthony Fauci, you’d think it was personal.


In a way, I’m pretty sure it is. Paul is a Republican with strong libertarian sensibilities, and authoritarians just had their way with the country. They would have gone further had people like Paul not existed.

With midterms on the horizon and a red wave predicted, Paul is already making a plan of attack. Calling into Glenn Beck’s radio show, the Kentucky senator revealed that this isn’t just going to be a flashy hearing that politicians can use for the Gram, he wants results.

He wants the whole hog. A special investigator, a science investigator to see into how the virus was created, any clues as to a cover-up, and naturally to see if Fauci had anything to do with it and if he had gained anything from it.

“I’ll give you an idea from my perspective,” began Paul. “There are different committees and different committees have different rules. Certain committees have more subpoena rules, and in many of these committees, you have to have all of the Republicans vote to give you the subpoena power.”

Paul said some of the committees he’s on have some of the biggest RINOs in the world on them and that getting subpoena power in these committees is going to be nigh impossible. Some, however, have Republicans that will actually fight, and Paul is already taking note of which ones he can use.


“Not only am I going to have hearings, not only will I have an investigation, I’m going to appoint the special investigator which will likely be a prosecuting attorney — a lawyer,” said Paul. “But I’m also going to appoint a special investigating scientist to help that lawyer.”

Paul said this will stop the confusing science from “bamboozling” the lawyer and putting him off the trail. Paul said this will allow them to determine the origins of the Coronavirus but whether there was a cover-up afterward.

Paul is also going after the vaccine itself and will discover the truth of its efficacy.

“If you had two vaccines and you’ve been infected, do you really need a third?” Paul gave as an example. “Do you need a fourth? A fifth?”

“The data they’re giving us is completely without any scientific probity,” said Paul.

Paul’s already told people what his plans are for the future, specifically Fauci:


“We’ve been asking you and you refused to answer whether anybody on the vaccine committees gets royalties from the pharmaceutical companies. I asked you last time, and what was your response? We don’t have to tell you. We’ve demanded them through the Freedom of Information Act. And what have you said? We’re not going to tell you. But I tell you this, when we get in charge, we’re going to change the rules and you will have to divulge where you get your royalties from, from what companies, and if anybody in the committee has a conflict of interest, we’re going to learn about it. I promise you that.”

Paul is giving Republicans another reason to get out and vote during the midterms. It’s a fact that investigations need to happen as Paul has continuously found evidence and clues that there is far more to the virus than Fauci would like to admit. This mystery deserves to uncovered, not just for Americans, but or the globe.


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