The Constitution Will Not Save You

The Constitution of the United States is an amazing document. It was the bedrock on which was built the most incredible nation the world has ever seen thus far.

The document is something of a guardian of the people against the government. It has frustrated authoritarians for generations and even now continues to be an umbrella that the people take shelter under when those who would rule over others try to push things too far.

But while the Constitution is a protective force against would-be tyrants, people shouldn’t ever think that the document is somehow magical. People think that it will stand forever as no government force will be able to overcome it. I’m here to tell you that, sadly, that is false.

The dirty little secret about law and order is that in order for law and order to be kept, the vast majority of the people who live under it must agree to keep it. Should even a solid percentage of that population flat-out disagree or even oppose that law, they will proceed to do so with little in their way to stop it. There aren’t enough officials with badges or fatigues to wholly stop them all.

This is why the Black Lives Matter riots went on so long. Sure, the police were there and sometimes even National Guard members, but despite their appearance on the stage the destruction and violence continued.

But there is a much scarier force than Black Lives Matter; the common elected official.

The same rule applies when it comes to lawmakers. If you have an entire group of lawmakers who think it completely fine to dismiss or ignore the constitution, then they will. They’ll bar you from going to church and force you to bake the damn cake. If it wasn’t for the fact that Trump was able to replace a whopping three justices on the Supreme Court with people who actually respect the constitution, they would have gotten away with it.

In fact, the desire for Supreme Court packing is a Democrat strategy that addresses this very thing. If they can get people in the highest court in the land who are willing to put politics over rights, then the constitution is more or less meaningless.

The Constitution only works if the vast majority of people agree it should. When enough people have designs against it and put themselves into positions where they can ignore it, the Constitution will just be a piece of paper with some writing on it from people who lived a long time ago. It will have no weight on our current situation. Your toilet paper will be more useful.

The relationship the United States has with the Constitution isn’t one-sided, it’s symbiotic. You are protected by the Constitution and in turn, you must protect it. Its destruction is your destruction and vice versa. When its enemies aim for its destruction, you must do what’s necessary to make sure they’re destroyed first, and that destruction can come in a lot of different forms.

During elections like the ones were about to have, those enemies can be destroyed by voting against them and for the person willing to uphold the constitution. Should those villains achieve office and wield power against you in spite of the rules laid down by the founders, then that destruction should be very physical.

While no one should want that last outcome, the founders knew that it needed to be on the table because they also know that the Constitution wasn’t invincible.

When push comes to shove, the Constitution won’t save you, you have to save it. The question is at which stage will the saving commence?

That’s for you to decide.


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