Conservatives Will Begin Losing Future Generations if It Doesn’t Take This Very Seriously

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Conservatives are better stewards of the economy than leftists are. It’s just a simple fact of life. Whenever Republicans are in charge, the fortunes of America, and even much of the world, rise. They know how to handle business better, they know what economies require for growth, and the best of them is even lower taxes so that the American people can have more money to save and spend, which also greatly benefits the economy.

However, there is an issue that’s rising that conservatives with their business ethos might be missing, and in the worst cases, dismissing.

Millennials and Gen Z have begun a quiet rebellion against the work ethic of old. Older generations, and even some millennials, may dismiss this as a younger generation just being too lazy for their own good. They see their complaints about work being the end result of a generation bent on selfishness and making others pick up the weight for them.

To be sure, some of these claims are absolutely correct. There are people out there that are more than happy to sit back and do nothing while other people pick up the slack and pay their way. This isn’t necessarily a generational thing, though. More than enough people from every generation have this attitude.

But when you have hard-working millennials who are ambitious and driven beginning to raise questions and point out that something is very wrong with today’s work culture…then it might be time for conservatives to address it, and it has to be conservatives because conservatives might be the only party that can actually fix it.

The issue is well explained by Lauren Southern whose recent video brought to light something that I had begun formulating a strong suspicion around. She explains the entire history of America’s modern work ethic from its beginnings in the mid-1900s and shows you how our working environment has shifted so far but our work ethic hasn’t changed a bit. This has created a massive issue for Americans who now work more than ever, feel an intense amount of isolation, struggle to stay afloat no matter how much they work, and for money that leaves their account as soon as it arrives.

To sum it up for those who can’t watch the video, our working environment used to be a very community-driven thing with local businesses and workers working toward the betterment of each other inside communities. Life and work used to have a strong separation, and there was a lot less pressure on workers due to the culture being far more relaxed.

Now, thanks to the invention of the internet and the rise of working from home, the lines between work and life are blurred if they even exist at all. Emails and phone calls now keep us wired into the job at all times. Moreover, this is a job that is usually for a corporation where you are likely just an employee with a number who will never truly get to know the person they work for or visa-versa. This used to not be the case, as jobs were more local and the relationship between boss and worker was closer. Now, you, the number, can be erased without a second thought and replaced with another number as if you were nothing.

What’s more is that this can happen for the most ridiculous of reasons, such as cracking a joke that someone else found inappropriate. The rise of human resource offices within businesses has plagued workplaces with fear.

Then there’s the economic issue. The cost of living has skyrocketed in this country and even people who make more than the average person are suddenly finding themselves unable to keep up a middle-class lifestyle. Where an entire family used to be able to live very comfortably on a one-person income with savings to spare, now it takes two incomes to tread water.

Putting all of this together and you find an American working environment that is unhealthy, unfair, and unsustainable.

The reaction from younger generations has ranged from light rebellion to all-out demands for a new (but worse) system. You’ve likely seen the young leftist’s response, which is the anti-work movement and/or the standard default of demanding we adopt communism.

The more sensible responses have come mainly from millennial workers who have now begun pushing back on the demands being urged from them and setting limits on just how far a company can push them. The job has gone from being something you invest in as a person and is just a way to make money, nothing more, nothing less. In other words, millennials who know they’re being looked at as a number are now treating corporations in the same fashion.

Interestingly, corporations do not have the upper hand here. As there is no upward movement like there was in the past with any given job thanks to the importance placed on ridiculous degrees, millennials are happy to jump from one corporation to another. Loyalty and dedication were something you gave to business because you were almost guaranteed a career path, however, in today’s working environment you’re more likely to get passed over based on your “education level.” Your ethnicity and sex will also likely come into play. If you’re white and/or male, your ability to climb the ladder is going to be stunted.

So, what is the solution to all of this?

Like Southern, I’m not sure. This is a problem that has really only recently begun gaining real attention and the solutions haven’t really become obvious yet outside of improving our economy, but even improving our economy seems like it would be treating a symptom, not the disease.

The fact is that the business environment has drastically changed from the time of the greatest generation and the way we look at jobs should also flow with it. No matter how much we’d love it, we can’t go back to the good ol’ days of tight-knit communities given our current technological level.

If conservatives want to truly keep future generations, the movement needs to begin hearing them and their very legitimate gripes and concerns about today’s business environment. It will be conservatives that will come up with the best solutions that benefit workers and the economy because if they don’t then the left’s solutions will begin to look more appealing and we all know where that leads.


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