RNC Uses One Video to Demolish Joe Biden's Claim that Republicans Aren't on the Side of Law Enforcement

AP Photo/David Dermer

President Joe Biden gave a little speech in front of an enthusiastic crowd of Democrats. The purpose of the speech was to attack Republicans and gin up support for Democrat candidates just in time for the midterms.


Naturally, Biden brought up January 6, because what else do Democrats have at this point? He attempted a “gotcha moment” accusing Republicans of not actually being on the side of law enforcement if they’re not out there denouncing the January 6 incident at the Capitol.

“Let me say this to my MAGA Republican friends in Congress: Don’t tell me you support law enforcement if you won’t condemn what happened on the 6th.”

The video was sure to feature police standing stalwartly as the Democrat crowd cheered around them.

It’s a weird scene considering the left’s consistent displays of hatred toward police and its consistent calls to defund them. Biden himself seemed into the idea of “reimagining” the police and diverting funding away from them.

Moreover, he’s the leader of a party that really thought defunding the police was a really solid idea, and to prove this the RNC decided to post Joe Biden’s party talking about defunding the police…for seven minutes. This doesn’t just include the extremists in his party like AOC and her squad, this also includes his own VP, Kamal Harris.


It’s kind of hard for Democrats to proclaim themselves to be the party of law enforcement when they spend an inordinate amount of time cursing the ground they walk on and, more notably, generating entire movements dedicated to blaming law enforcement for every bad thing that ever happens to minority communities.

Under the Biden administration, border agents have been attacked for merely doing their job, including by the very man telling Republicans that they don’t actually respect law enforcement. To boot, Biden punished these agents over an incident that turned out to have never happened and was a media manipulation of images.

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Bottom line: Biden has absolutely no ground to tell Republicans they don’t respect law enforcement over an event that Republicans largely denounced, especially while he and his party continuously attack and demean law enforcement officers across the nation.


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