Leftists Lose It on CNN's Jake Tapper After Making the Mistake of Doing Something a Moderate Would

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Jake Tapper would hardly be considered moderate. He’s made it clear that he’s very supportive of the left and will happily jump on any bandwagon that even remotely looks like it might be anti-Trump. In fact, according to sources, Tapper is on the short list of people who may be gone from the network as CNN continues to purge itself of leftist influence.


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It would appear, however, that Tapper may be looking to get a bit more moderate. Whether he’s looking to spare himself from the falling axe or present himself as a centered journalist capable of seeing things from both sides for his next potential employer, Tapper is now giving platform to right-leaning sources.

As first reported by Caleb Howe at Mediaite, Tapper tweeted out an article from the Washington Examiner detailing how Mehmet Oz could defeat John Fetterman in Pennsylvania’s Senate Race.

Tapper didn’t offer much else in terms of commentary. For all anyone knows, he was giving people a look at how the right might be approaching taking on Fetterman.

Not that it would matter. The fact that Tapper would even allow a right-leaning site to be mentioned on his account without it being followed by “are racist homophobes” was enough to set off the leftist blue-checked outrage brigades. As Howe notes, the deluge of anger and hate that came at Tapper was pretty dense. Some accused him of trying out for Fox News, other accused him of trying to impress his new boss, Chris Licht. Many took it as a sign that CNN was definitely turning right and that journalism was dead.


The most devastating blow came from Andy Kindler who gave Tapper the deepest cut you can give a leftist…he’s a secret Trump supporter.

That said, some people’s suspicions may not be entirely wrong. Tapper’s leftism was a good thing to have during CNN’s age of Zucker, but CNN’s parent company Warner Bros. is clearly making moves to shake itself from the chains of woke culture and hard-leftism. Warner CEO David Zaslav is currently on a crusade to sanitize the company of hard-left influence, even at the cost of billions. This includes CNN, a network that had fallen so deep into the Democrat Party’s dark recesses that it had become a propaganda network. Zaslav insinuated that Warner’s news channel had become an “advocacy network” and that things would begin to change to bring it back to the center.

This began with the firing of Brian Stelter and the termination of his show “Reliable Sources,” known for being a hard-left program with an unhealthy obsession with Fox News.


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Tapper is likely seeing the signs and could possibly be tweeting out right-leaning sources in an attempt to appear more moderate and save his career. The damage might already be done, though. We’ll see in the coming months, but former CNN viewers should probably brace themselves as hosts that would typically scratch their ideological itches begin to introduce a bit more red to their blue.



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