RedState LIVE! Is Happening Now: Warner Bros. Is Making Some Very Un-Woke Moves

Between firing Brian Stelter and canceling the $70 million “Batgirl” movie, Warner Bros. seems to be doing something big, and it’s not something the left is going to be very pleased with. Not long ago, the merger between Warner and Discovery came with promises of changes, and sure enough, we’re really starting to see them. It would appear that they’re learning the lesson many have been trying to teach them; get woke, go broke.


If Warner is moving away from leftist politics and succeeds, then this WILL kick off a new age of anti-woke entertainment. Let’s talk more about this because it’s a really big deal.

Also, we have to look at the absolute state of Disney with its embarrassing “She-Hulk” clips coming out.

It’s a culture war episode for today’s RedState LIVE!

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