Feminism Is Losing Its Hold on Gen Z as Women Speak Out

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The fall of feminism might be slow, but it’s a steady march that doesn’t seem to be slowing down. It takes a lot of time to undo something so tightly wound, and to be sure, feminism has had its grips on our society for decades and decades.


But its grip is loosening. As I wrote previously, feminism doomed itself because its primary goal was to eliminate femininity, the very essence of womanhood. It wanted women to be more like men, and it made taboo all the things that gave women joy and fulfillment. It replaced the things women needed to make themselves whole with superficial nonsense that they touted as “freedom” and “liberation,” but devalued them in reality.

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The devaluation of women is being noticed more and more. The levels of unhappiness in the fairer sex have decreased to unignorably bad levels. Radical feminists and social justice warriors react to basic femininity so badly that it drives people further and further away.

Women, especially millennials and Gen Z, began questioning the dogma they were raised on by their foremothers, mainstream media, and activists. Gen Z, in particular, have begun speaking out more and more.

As one Gen Z gal on TikTok points out, feminism wasn’t actually about women’s liberation at its core. It was about sending women into the workplace where the state could make more money off of them, forcing their children to go to state-funded schools to be taught state-approved curricula.

She also highlights how women bought into the idea that being workhorses for corporations was true freedom, and that this caused them to lose touch with themselves. This, in turn, further drove a gap between women and men, whom women were taught were the oppressors.


This is a more and more common occurrence. Women on TikTok can often be seen joking that feminists ruined everything because they used to just stay at home and raise children while the men went off and worked, but now they’re forced to put that aside to make a paycheck.

According to the National Review, polls are showing the youth is souring on feminism:

Predictably, most young Republicans agree with the statement, “Feminism has done more harm than good.” What was astonishing was how many young Democrats agreed as well. While only 4 percent of Democratic men over 50 thought feminism was harmful, 46 percent of Democratic men under 50 did. Nearly a quarter of Democratic women under 50 agreed, compared with only 10 percent of those 50 and older.

Feminism still has a massive hold on many western women, and it will be a long time before it can be considered defeated, but it will eventually happen. The more feminism even denies the existence of women, replaces them with men, denies them their femininity, and attempts to cancel and destroy women who defy them, the more power it will lose.

Feminism is on its way out of the door, it’s just taking a minute.


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