Cringe: AOC Pretends to Get Arrested at the Supreme Court

If there’s one thing Democrats are good at it is bad dramatics, and New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez might be the worst at it out of everyone.

Now, the same congresswoman who brought you “Ted Cruz is trying to kill me” and crying at an empty parking lot brings you…


…not getting arrested at a Supreme Court protest.

According to reporters Doug Blair and Bernadette Hassan, AOC was arrested and led away by police at a “civil disobedience” rally outside of the Supreme Court. As you can see in the video below, AOC’s hands are behind her much like someone wearing handcuffs.

Only her hands aren’t handcuffed behind her at all. She’s holding them behind her like that all on her own. In fact, at one point, she raises a fist to cameras across the road.

The only people this would appeal to are her army of simps. Everyone else seems to be happy to mock her for her typical dramatics.

Like I’ve been saying about the Democrat Party in general, when it has no points to make it’ll rely on sensationalism to sell its message. Democrats love a good performance, and here we see AOC attempting to make herself look like a rebel against authority.


Only she’s not rebelling against authority at all. At this point, she’s one of the authorities and doing a bad job at hiding it. She’s not even being arrested; she’s just being escorted out in a dramatic fashion. In all likelihood, she probably had a thing she had to get to on her schedule, and she needed an excuse to leave.

But, this is AOC doing exactly what she’s supposed to do. Her job isn’t necessarily to be a congresswoman, it’s exactly for things like this. Her job is to make it seem like Democrats are fighting the good fight and standing up for the people. She’s supposed to be the party’s link to the youth.

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Only she continues to embarrass herself. She’s got her dedicated simps, but it’s moments like this where she paints the entire party with a brush of ridiculousness.


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