Ron DeSantis Gets Another Huge Endorsement Thanks to Gina Carano

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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is a popular man, and with every decision and speech he gives, he only seems to attract more people to his side. In all fairness, it’s pretty easy when your opponents have the competence of a cat in a math competition.


Not long ago, Tesla CEO Elon Musk gave his endorsement to the good Gov, predicting that when 2024 rolls around then DeSantis would easily trounce any other contenders for the throne.

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Now it would appear that a nother big name has jumped on board the DeSantis train. It’s none other than the most popular podcast host in America, Joe Rogan.

Rogan was chatting with MMA fighter turned actress Gina Carano when the two got into a conversation about politics. Carano asked Rogan if he was “throwing out any support towards anyone” or if he was going to hold off.

Rogan apparently didn’t feel the need to “hold off.”

“Yeah, I think Ron DeSantis would work as a good president,” Rogan said. “I mean, what he’s done for Florida has been admirable.”

Rogan continued to elaborate on why he supported Florida’s governor for President, and a lot of it had to do with the current health of Florida itself:

“I feel like what we did for Florida, people gave him a lot of grief, but ultimately, he was correct,” Rogan said. “He was correct when it comes to deaths, he was correct in terms of protecting our vulnerable populations, he was correct in terms of distribution of monoclonal antibodies.”

“You know, he is not perfect, he’s a human being, but what he’s done is stand up for freedoms,” Rogan continued. “There’s some weird gaslighting s–t that went on where people equated freedom and saying the word freedom to like right-wing bigotry and hate is so strange.”


We’re still a ways off from 2024 at the moment, and DeSantis isn’t saying whether or not he’s going to run, but the chances of him doing so are extremely likely. He’s reaching his term limit as governor of Florida and he’ll never have more sweeping support for the role as our nation’s leader than he does now.

This will likely put him at odds with former President Donald Trump should he choose to run as well, but for now, midterms have been the ultimate short-term focus for DeSantis and nothing has been written in stone by either man.

Time will tell, but if DeSantis runs he’ll be doing so with a lot of support and from people who previously used to vocally support Democrats.


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