There Won't Be Another Pandemic, but There Will Be Another 'Pandemic'

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

President Joe Biden is one of those people who can’t seem to keep the man behind the curtain from speaking out, so to speak. Things that are supposed to be plans known only to the planners are things Biden tends to forget to keep quiet about, and thus you have situations like the one he found himself in earlier Tuesday where he noted that there was going to be another pandemic.

As my colleague Nick Arama noted, it wasn’t a moment where it sounded like they were making plans to deal with a potential second pandemic, mind you. This was Biden saying with some certainty that there would be one. I can make allowances for the fact that Biden might be convinced that one is on the way and spoke with that level of certainty, but it’s just an odd choice of words from a man who typically follows his scripts and disappears, and has a habit of dropping background details he wasn’t supposed to when he deviates.

Truthfully, a second pandemic is unlikely. Even if the novel Coronavirus made a return, it would still be the same virus that had a shockingly low fatality rate and one that people likely aren’t willing to lockdown over again. The same tactics won’t be accepted again, but that doesn’t mean some sort of power can’t be forced on the people.

Most notably, “emergencies” are an easy excuse to move money around, and just like the last pandemic, there are a lot of ways people can make money off of emergencies.

The important thing here is that it’s important to understand what his new pandemic is, or more accurately, will be.

It’s January 6. It’s the leaked draft decision on Roe v Wade from the Supreme Court. It’s the war in Ukraine and the fight against Russia.

More accurately, it’s an attempt at a distraction and a chance to rally the base. It’s the use of something happening in the real world for the benefit of a singular party.

Thinking back to everything that’s happened since Biden and the Democrat’s decisions began having horrendous effects on the economy, the left has attempted to utilize any excuse they could to generate outrage, fear, and division in order to get people to forget about the economy and focus on something else. Sadly, even the shooting in Uvalde, Texas, was an attempt at generating more momentum for the Democrat Party.

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At no point should any urgency by our own White House be believed when it comes to talking about a pandemic. This is the same White House that is so up its own rectum about the Coronavirus that they want to shove the vaccine into babies, something that Florida Governor Ron Desantis recently roasted the administration for doing.

This is just one more attempt to distract the public from a party that has forced the American people into a pit of economic misfortune and refuses to do what’s necessary to get us out of it. They hope to give you something else to be worried or angry about (or both) so that when the time comes you’ll be too in the weeds and you’ll pull the lever for Democrats in November for the midterms.

Yes, there will be another pandemic but the real pandemic will be the virus that infects mainstream platforms, allowing authoritarians to push nonsense to the wider public in order to create a fantasy world where Democrats are actually needed.

They’re not. They’re the antithesis of success and growth. Toss them out with the rest of the garbage.


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