What's Happening to Kavanaugh Is Exactly Why Americans Should Have Guns

“Why do you even need an AR-15,” asks the leftist of anyone who wants their Second Amendment rights uninfringed.

You likely ran into the question yourself at some point during conversation about firearms, or on some sort of social media platform. If you haven’t, then don’t worry. Openly support the ownership of firearms of any kind and eventually they’ll find you.

There are a lot of reasons why you would want to own one up to and including “because I’m a free American and I want one,” but if you want a more topical reason then you need look no further than what’s happening to Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

You see, the party that likes to refer to Republicans as a “death cult” and talk about how white Trump supporters are the largest domestic terror threat in the United States think it’s great stuff whenever a Republican is threatened or attack. In fact, they seem to revel in the idea that violence is perfectly okay, because the desperation of their cause requires it.

In this case, the ability to kill babies, one of the holiest of leftist beliefs, is so important that an assassin planning to kill Kavanaugh is something to be flippant about. In fact, they can use it as a platform with which to push more intimidation from.

Take, for instance, the pro-abortion group “Ruth Sent Us,” which has been sending out very questionable tweets clearly meant to intimidate Kavanaugh and his family, and are still weirdly up on Twitter.

First, the group published his home address, and when the news of the assassin broke the group sarcastically offered their “thoughts & prayers” to the Kavanaugh family and the “abusive alcoholic justice.”

They then tweeted again, this time aiming at Kavanaugh’s wife Ashley Kavanaugh and the Kavananugh children, tweeting a picture of a bilboard that is on the children’s school grounds.

One thing is for certain, the Kavanaugh’s are in danger. There’s no denying that fact. Moreover, the left seems to revel in the fact that Kavanaugh is in danger, or at the very least, are dismissive about it.

If you knew that you were being targeted by a group of people, your home address published to the de facto town square, and a media that is hell bent on making you public enemy number one to the point where it’s celebrated when you’re threatened, then perhaps the left is answering their own question.

Why do you need an AR-15?

Becuase the people asking you the question are the same people secretly hoping you and your family come to harm and you’re not willing to take the chance that they’ll catch you vulnuerable and defenseless.

Why do you need an AR-15?

Becuase there are people who want to kill you and harm your family, and you’d much rather your would-be attackers die than the people you care about.

God forbid it ever comes to this for Kavanaugh, but Kavanaugh isn’t the only person with this problem. Somewhere out there is a person who, given the opportunity, will try to harm you and your family. They will try to break into your home and steal or destroy your property. They will pose a very real threat to you. Over the course of a long enough timeline, you will be forced to deal with this person. Perhaps you’ll die of old age before you have to suffer them, but various circumstances and events will bring the two of you closer together.

Kavanaugh has suffered a series of events and circumstances, bringing that person closer and closer to him. A person was caught, thankfully, who already wanted to do harm, and perhaps that’ll be the end of it, but there are groups out there who don’t want it to be.

There are groups out there who don’t want it to be the end for you either. Through their activities they may increase crime in your area or create desperate situations. Perhaps they’ll specifically target you for harm.

It doesn’t matter. What matters is how you’re capable of dealing with it. That’s why you need an AR-15. If or when the time comes, you won’t be caught unprepared.


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