Which Is It, Leftist? Is the AR-15 a 'Weapon of War' or Is It Useless Against a Government Military?

I could probably just stop at the question above and watch the anti-gun doofuses of America squirm and stammer, but in the interest of going even deeper into this question, let’s get analytical.

As you know, the left loves to toss around the descriptor of “weapons of war” when it comes to describing the AR-15, or if we’re being more accurate, pretty much any rifle without a wooden finish because the vast majority of them don’t know the difference.

“Weapons of war” is a scary phrase to use whenever they want to convince the public that these rifles have no place in a civilized society and that no one should be allowed to have them. Hilariously, when anyone mounts a defense against these stupid claims, buried beneath all the buzzwords and sensationalist phrases is the question “why do you even need one in the first place?”

Law-abiding gun owners will often respond in a myriad of ways but one of the returns is “because I want to be able to defend myself against an out-of-control government if, God forbid, that time ever came. The leftist will scoff at this and return with a very self-defeating phrase.

“Do you think your AR-15 is going to overcome an entire military with nukes and fighter jets?”

…now hang on. I thought my AR-15 is a weapon of war.

The truth is, my AR-15 is not a weapon of war, but should a war arise that targets me I can sure use it as one. In a sense, the gun grabbers aren’t wrong, they’re just misguided as to when the switch happens. What they are 100% right about is that my AR-15 is a tool with which I can kill people. Yes. That’s the point. If a war does break out (or someone attempts to break in), my rifle will be ready to kill those who have come to kill or subjugate me. In the defense of my family, life, and property, I’m not pulling the trigger to shoot someone with tickles. I want them to die, and die very quickly.

The left doesn’t hold back in its descriptions of the AR-15’s effectiveness. In fact, they go far overboard with it very often. Some describe the AR-15 as a cannon that can blow massive holes in bodies and collapse structures. These people are idiots, but the understanding is that when someone is shot with an AR-15, they’re likely going to die.

If that understanding is so agreed upon, then why don’t they think my AR-15 will be effective against the U.S. military?

Let’s look into that claim real fast as well.

In 2018, one of the best articles I have ever read describing what would happen in a second civil war was written by my colleague Kurt Schlichter who made it very clear that if the left really did want a civil war, they’d be really surprised as to how badly it would go, not just for them, but for the U.S. government.

He gives two scenarios. The first is where Democrats take total control of the government, ignore the constitution, and begin a dictatorial takeover of America. The second is leftists becoming militant and attempting to strike out against normal Americans all over the country. In either scenario, the left doesn’t last very long and a lot of it boils down to logistics:

Let’s talk terrain and numbers. Remember the famous red v. blue voting map? There is a lot of red, and in the interior the few blue splotches are all cities like Las Vegas or Denver. That is a lot of territory for a counter-insurgent force to control, and this is critical. The red is where the food is grown, the oil pumped, and through which everything is transported. And that red space is filled with millions of American citizens with small arms, a fairly large percentage of whom have military training.

Remember what two untrained idiots did in Boston with a couple of pistols? They shut a city down. Now multiply that by several million, with better weapons and training.

Let’s also take a look at how groups would utilize their rifles against military targets:

The military would have the combat power to win any major engagement, but insurgents don’t get into major engagements with forces that have more combat power. They instead leverage their decentralized ability to strike at the counter-insurgents’ weak points to eliminate the government’s firepower advantage. In other words, hit and run, and no stand-up fights.

For example, how do a bunch of hunters in Wisconsin defeat a company of M1A2 Abrams tanks? They ambush the fuel and ammo trucks. Oh, and they wait until the gunner pops the hatch to take a leak and put a .30-06 round in his back from 300 meters. Then they disappear. What do the tanks do then? Go level the nearest town? Great. Now they just moved the needle in favor of the insurgents among the population. Pretty soon, they can’t be outside of their armored vehicles in public. Their forces are spending 90% of their efforts not on actual counter-insurgency operations but on force protection.

A handful of moderately trained dudes with AR-15s can devastate a military operation, and moreover, the military will have little to no choice but to respond with both hands tied behind their backs for fear of upsetting the populace by killing and destroying in the local area.

I recommend you read Schlichter’s full piece, but you already get the idea. An AR-15 is definitely up to the task of causing immense devastation to even the most advanced military in the world.

Conservatives understand what their AR-15 is and what it’s for…and so does the government.

So long as we’ve got these rifles, the government is going to keep its grubby hands off our God-given rights. It’s why statists work tirelessly to infringe or eliminate the 2nd Amendment. We’re a lot easier to control without them.


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