AOC Believes in a Magical Line That Turns Guns Evil and It Happens to Exist Between Indiana and Illinois

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Do you have a sweet, innocent gun? Well, don’t take it across a magical barrier that somehow perfectly mimics the state lines between Indiana and Illinois, because according to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the moment you do your gun will become wicked and murderous like a mogwai that was fed after midnight.


Even worse, the closer you take this gremlin gun to Chicago, the eviler it becomes.

“There’s no discussion about gun violence in Chicago without talking about Indiana because the violence and the mothers that we have to comfort are losing children due to the guns and the carnage and the lawlessness unleashed by those states,” she said during the House hearing on gun violence.

I want to immediately respond to this by posting two tweets that ask very simple questions.

As you can see from these two simple questions, what AOC is engaging in is a fallacy. There’s no doubt in my mind that guns in Chicago are coming from outside areas because getting a gun in Chicago in a legal manner is so difficult that it’s hardly worth the effort to try. It should also be noted that, at this moment, Indianapolis is more violent than Chicago, and it’s likely that more than a few factors are contributing to this, but one thing that hasn’t changed is Indiana’s gun laws, at least not by much. A firearm law will take effect soon that will allow people over the age of 18 to carry a handgun in public without a permit, but it hasn’t taken effect yet.


So, as usual, we can rule out guns as the root cause of the problem.

But the second tweet is what highlights the fallacy. If Indiana guns are the problem, then why aren’t we seeing Indiana guns create high levels of havoc in every other city in Illinois? What’s causing Chicago to be a hotbed of gun crime with guns that originate in Indiana?

We can easily conclude that the issue resides with an issue happening in Chicago, and it’s not like that data isn’t there. We’ve got years of info as to what causes the gun crime in Chicago, and it’s the gang/drug culture. Even if a gang isn’t necessarily behind a crime, the spillover from these cultures is still seductive.

Crime is rising all over the nation. We’re post-pandemic and we have a wide-open border. We also have Democrat politicians that want to point at everything but their policies as an influencer in the crime rate. These are just a couple of factors that contribute to the overall crime problem in our nation.

But to blame the gun is to blame the tool, not the user. It’s treating a symptom, not a disease, and badly at that. If AOC is actually wanting to tackle gun crime, one must look below the surface of it and find the root cause of why people want to use firearms for evil. In order to come to the conclusion that gun control is the answer, one must first ignore the millions of gun owners who break no laws and use their guns for good.


I’m not sure if AOC understands this, given her displayed level of intelligence, but I’m willing to bet many other Democrats do. The issue is that looking at anything but the gun isn’t conducive to the agenda, and so the underlying causes won’t even be discussed by anyone with a “D” next to their name.

There is no magical barrier, just sad facts that are going ignored.


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