Watch: 'Kid Friendly' Drag Dancer Desperately Flees When Confronted and Shamed

Drag queens dance for small children at a nightclub in Dallas, Texas

Odd that the social justice left/LGBT activists who claim to have the moral high ground are always trying to groom children in secret. Why not stand your ground and argue your case?


The drag show dancer who danced in front of kids that was confronted by Alex Stein desperately tried to get away from the shame. If he’s doing a good thing, why did he run?

In the latest RedState LIVE! highlight I show you how one of the Dallas, Texas, “kid friendly” drag show dancers desperately tried to flee Alex Stein when he shamed him for his actions and speculate on why he felt the panicked need to get away under the verbal assault instead of standing his ground and calmly debating his position.

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