Stop Falling for the Term 'Safety'

I’m beyond sick and tired of the term “safety.” The left has inadvertently conditioned me to hear the word and immediately associate it with manipulation and attempts at control through fear.

Leftist entities are consistently attempting to push some sort of freedom-reducing measure on the general populace in the name of “safety.” We always have something to fear according to them, and the only way to avoid a disaster of epic proportions is to give the left more power. It’s the only way to keep our country “safe.”

The funny thing about safety is that no matter what you do, you’re never truly safe. During the pandemic, you could be vaxxed up to your eyeballs, triple mask up, and keep a six-foot distance from every human being on the planet, but despite all of these precautions you still had a pretty high chance of contracting the virus that went up significantly the moment you stepped inside any given location, including your own home.

Yet despite this people were forced to lockdown in the name of “safety.”

We can see the “safety” we gave up freedoms to have in the TSA, an organization whose goal is to protect airline passengers from terrorist attempts to take their flight over with fingernail clippers. What they mostly do is make you late for your flight. It’s not an organization known for its success rates at stopping people from boarding flights with illegal items but is really good at groping people and making them throw away their water bottles…oh, and at least $2 billion worth of currency under the excuse of “civil forfeiture.”

It’s an organization that wastes billions of taxpayer dollars for little to no payoff and only agitates the general populace…yet it’s kept around because we’re told it keeps us safe during flights. Instead of putting on the private companies to provide security and relying on much less costly air marshalls, we give up billions in taxpayer funding to be stripped, groped, our things prodded through, and belongings stolen.

We also apparently need to be kept “safe” from misinformation, and the government was willing to implement a whole department that would busy itself monitoring the chatter within the country and somehow stamping out these lies. They never went into great detail about how they were going to go about doing this and that’s the most worrisome part of it all. Thankfully, the people made it very clear that this department wasn’t happening and it was put on “pause.”

But that hasn’t stopped various private entities like Twitter from rising up and creating their own policies that effectively do what this government department said it would.

I’ve said this once before, and I’ll say it again, and I’ll keep saying it; freedom and chaos are cousins.

If you want to live in a free society you’re going to have to live alongside an element of danger. This means that you live in a country where, at any given moment, something can go wrong. A country with more lax gun laws may indeed mean that a person bent on ill intent is going to have easier access to firearms.

However, in a free society living with an element of danger, personal responsibility offsets this. You can have a gun too, and the person trying to use his firearm maliciously can be put down by yourself and everyone else in this free society. You’d be surprised at how polite society gets when danger is an ever-present factor. In fact, not often spoken about is how danger empowers the good.

Anyone claiming to suppress you for your own safety isn’t doing it for your own safety. They’re doing it for their own benefit. We need to treat this word with a lot more suspicion than we do.


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