We're in a Toxic Relationship With Our Government and We Need to Draw Better Boundaries

Imagine you’re in a relationship where your partner is controlling, demanding, never pleased, consistently asking for more money from you, tries to control what you say and do, and is consistently attempting to manipulate you into thinking exactly the way it wants you to.

Describing your relationship to your friends, they’d easily conclude that you’re in an abusive relationship and that you need to leave it.

That’s exactly what we’re looking at with our government.

The government, according to American standards, is supposed to be a tertiary concern in your life. Of all the things you answer to, the government is supposed to be somewhere near the back. Yet, over the course of time, the government has gained more and more power over nearly everything, and like any abusive partner, the power over you will never be enough.

Case in point, putting someone like dictator Mary Poppins in charge of a government institution whose entire job it is to define what is and isn’t the accepted truth in our country is one such attempt at exerting an insane amount of power over us. Thankfully, we refused and the department is “paused,” but not completely gone.

A government department is never truly dead once it’s created. It just bides its time until it’s acceptable for it to come back. Maybe it will be under a different name, but it will come back.

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But that’s just one moment where America drew a line and stuck to it. Sadly, we’ve failed on multiple occasions to draw lines and the government happily encroached further into our lives as a result. We can try to blame politicians all we want, but at the end of the day, we elected them. If the people of the Republic are the ultimate bosses, then the buck stops with us.

And so it’s up to us to make better decisions and be firm about what we want and what we don’t want.

For instance, we’re broke and yet our crazy government girlfriend is still swiping our credit card for billions of dollars at a time with little indication that she’s going to stop anytime soon. We have to balance a budget and we need to elect people who will absolutely be serious about this.

That’s just for starters. Our issues are so extreme that we need to go to extreme measures.

We need to begin introducing term limits to national politicians. One of the biggest issues we have is that these people get into office in DC, learn how to play the game, and then proceed to manipulate the system, benefit from their position, and become a source of the rot within. Even the best over time become corrupted on some level. America is the most powerful country in the world and being in control of it will corrupt absolutely.

Moreover, we need politicians who will be willing to limit the scope and power of the federal government, and we likely won’t achieve that if politicians have made a life out of being a constant presence in DC. Why would they be willing to give themselves pay deductions, fewer benefits, and less power?

It’s time to draw that line very clearly.

Republicans are going to benefit from a very energized voting base during the midterms. If Democrats continue down their path of extremism, then it’s likely 2024 will be a clean sweep as well. This is all well and good but it will mean absolutely nothing if little is changed during that time. Breathing health back into our economy will mean nothing if and when people forget what kind of party the Democrats are and they return to power, only to screw the economy up again.

We have to stop treating the symptom and start treating the disease.

That will only happen if the people commit to reducing the size of government and its power.


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