Former Democrat Voters Didn't Leave the Party, the Party Left Them

Oh, Ronald Reagan. How your wit and wisdom continue to return and haunt the Democrat Party with every move they make.

It was The Gipper who said the classic line that described why people were abandoning the Democrat Party in droves in order to vote for Republicans: “I didn’t leave the Democratic Party, the Democratic Party left me.”

Today, many Democrats who considered Reagan someone they’d never vote for suddenly find themselves in his ideological company. They considered themselves Democrats, and if they ever voted for someone, they were pulling the lever for the person with a “D” next to their name.

They did so because they were told all their lives that the cool people were voting for Democrats. After all, it was the party that all the celebrities were cheerleading for, that all the news media was carrying water on behalf of, and all the activists were fighting to empower with all the rights, all the acceptance, and all the love.

They bought it hook, line, and sinker because they didn’t have the time or energy to learn otherwise. They were living their lives, raising children, going to work, or watching the grass grow. Pretty much anything more interesting than politics. The most people got in terms of political knowledge were the snippets Twitter let them see.

But things started getting sour. The economy started to suck, crime was rising, and lockdowns were killing livelihoods. Kids were coming home with sexual material and telling stories about their teachers talking about their genitals. Cancel culture made it impossible to speak your mind and political correctness began making conversation with a stranger a dicey affair.

When you venture out to find out why you’ll notice that the left is either reinforcing their positions or trying to lazily blame someone else for it all. Those celebrities that used to influence their opinion turn out to be ignorant elitists who have no idea what their life is like and don’t seem to look kindly at you anyway.

Moreover, they hear a President who is rattling off extremist nonsense when manages to speak in coherent sentences at all.

This isn’t the party they were sold. In fact, it’s the opposite. This is the most hateful, bigoted, intolerant, and nonsensical political party. In fact, it was everything people were told the Republicans were, but as they’re also finding out in their search to find out what’s going on, Republicans aren’t actually that bad either. In fact, they find they have more common ground with Republicans than Democrats by leaps and bounds.

Before you know it, they’re dipping their toes into alternative media and learning facts and stories they’d never heard before. They learn more and more of the truth, and soon an idea forms in their mind…they’re not a Democrat. Not anymore.

In fact, when the time comes, they’re pulling the lever for Republicans because apparently Republicans. They remember that when Republicans were in charge, the economy was actually pretty good, crime was much lower, and things were cheaper. They actually did want you to be whoever you wanted to be. Moreover, the only thing they’re really intolerant about is the stuff your public school keeps trying to brainwash your kid with. That, and the social justice takeover of the culture.

They tell friends they were once Democrats, but no longer. They were once Democrats, but that’s not the Democrat Party they used to be. That party has become something unrecognizable and unsupportable. These people still wouldn’t even call themselves “Republicans,” but they’re definitely not Democrats as the party is now.

And thus, we arrive at this:


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