Polling Shows Abortion Isn't the Winning Issue Democrats Hoped It Would Be

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Democrats are set to take another “L.” As it turns out, the hope they had that the abortion issue would take negative attention off themselves and rally their base was misplaced.


According to the Daily Wire, polling was done by the RNC that found voters who were engaged in the abortion debate are actually rejecting Democrat policies suggested by lawmakers, many of which want no limits:

The polling was conducted after news broke about the leaked Supreme Court draft opinion and found that “even with increased media attention, abortion is not the winning issue Democrats think it is, and the economy, crime, and the border remain the top issues for voters,” the committee said in a release.

Furthermore, only 1 in 5 independent voters said abortion is the main factor for them in deciding which candidate to vote for, and only 16% of independent voters said abortion should be allowed at any time during the mother’s pregnancy and for any reason.

While abortion is an important issue for many voters, it is only the top issue for 9% of voters, the polling found, and when asked if they would be more likely, less likely, or the same amount as likely to vote in the midterm elections based off the recent abortion news, 49% of Democrats said they were more likely, compared to the 48% of Republicans (the RNC called this a “statistical tie between the two parties”).

“Americans overwhelmingly support commonsense pro-life protections and limits on abortion, but Democrats are doubling down on taxpayer-funded, unlimited abortion on demand up to the moment of birth,” RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel told the Daily Wire. “Voters will hold Biden and Democrats accountable for being radical, cruel, and anti-science come November.”


It doesn’t help the Democrats that 85 percent of voters support abortion limits according to the RNC release. Moreover, as the Daily Wire noted, Democrat candidates are scared to declare any limits on abortions at all for fear of angering the radical base.

If I were to guess, this doesn’t necessarily mean that Democrats would drop the abortion issue, they would change the ultimate consequence of abortion being restricted.

You can already see something like this happening when Chicago’s Mayor Lori Lightfoot declared that Republicans would stop at abortion, they’d come for the LGBT community next, and then encouraged people to take up arms.

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Intersectionalism will be the next play here. They will tell voters that they’re on a slippery slope and that if Republicans can just take away abortion then what else is next? No more rights for the LGBT community as Lightfoot suggested? They will frame abortion as a right (as they have been) and ask women what other rights they can restrict. Minority communities will be most affected, they’ll say, ask what kind of hardships the Republicans will make them endure.


If abortion can’t carry the torch alone, my guess is that they’ll attempt to make the picture much bigger for voters. It wouldn’t do to just simply drop it as they do with other things as doing so might endanger the loyalty of the base, so they’ll likely treat it as a foundation to build an anti-Republican case on.

The question is if the people won’t buy this, will they buy the deluxe version? My guess is not.

Democrats are just going to have to live with the fact that they’ve shot themselves in the foot too many times to have anything to stand on, at least when it comes to midterms.


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