Abortion Activists are Operating On an Old Playbook and It's Created New Problems

AP Photo/Amanda Andrade-Rhoades

Back in the 1960s and 1970s, radical leftist activists had it pretty good. They could act up and be as radical as they wanted to and friendly media would make them look like rockstars. What’s more, like most leftist activists, a lot of their power came from the people’s ignorance. In the absence of information, emotion acts as a placeholder.

All of this combined to allow the passage of things like Roe v Wade, which proceeded to dominate our socio-political space on the topic of abortion for decades. The left had done such a good job at making threats to Roe synonymous with “women’s rights” that many supported the pro-abortion crowd. The media had made these people the good guys and being on their side just seemed like the right thing to do.

Decades into the future and America looks very different than it did. The medical knowledge of the 1960s looks almost like a dark age compared to the knowledge we have today. Something that also looks radically different is the conversation around abortion. With more knowledge about medicine, the human body, and how it works, the veil of ignorance that once cloaked the abortion conversation has been peeled back.

As RedState covered on Sunday, the science has changed since the 70s’ and we know a lot more about what’s going on in the womb today. We now know that babies actually do feel pain in the womb, we know when their fingerprints show up, when they start making facial expressions, and when they grow eyelashes. We can see their faces and watch them suck their thumbs.

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This information is becoming common knowledge more and more every day and with the spread of this knowledge, the goodwill the pro-abortion side once had is dissipating. More and more people are becoming pro-life as they realize that the “clump of cells” in the womb sure looks and acts like a baby.

Pro-abortion activists don’t seem to want to discuss the latest in scientific discoveries about what goes on inside the womb. To them, it’s still the abortion golden age of the 1970s. It’s still, to them, just a clump of cells that don’t feel any pain. These pro-abortion activists are operating on outdated intel, and while they won’t catch up with science, most everyone else is.

But another issue they appear to be running into is the fact that their playbook is also outdated. Our technology is also far more advanced and it allows us to upload audio and visuals to the masses in an instant, sometimes as it happens. The carefully curated news reports of the mainstream media that made these abortion activists look like freedom-fighting heroes have now been overshadowed by the bystander watching events unfold before him.

Without the carefully chosen edits and crafted narratives, the abortion activists can now be seen for what they are: insane.

As we can see through various clips coming out of places like Seattle, these people show up and scream like banshees with personal attacks and intimidation tactics. They attempt to get you to become physical so they can claim assault and victimhood.

Perhaps back in the day, this may have been an effective tactic but not anymore. Now, these people look, frankly, silly. Most of them are just women screeching insults and putting on wacky displays that don’t seem to have any argument behind them, or at least, not any good ones. The majority look more like obnoxious housewives or well-to-do college-aged women looking for a way to absolve themselves of the sin of being “white and privileged.”

Few and fewer people are buying it. These aren’t the heroic freedom fighters we were told they were for years. These people are as sad as they are annoying.

All of this combined results in an abortion activist community that is being pushed back faster and faster. They live in the past, they protest like they’re in the past, and as time goes on, more people are putting the past behind them, these protesters with it.



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