Sony's Rejection of Chinese Censorship Proves Kicking Communists and Wokeness to the Curb Equals Success

This image released by Marvel Studios shows Tom Holland as Spider-Man in a scene from "Avengers: Infinity War." (Marvel Studios via AP)

When Sony and Marvel work together to create movies, they’re usually pretty solid. “Spider-Man: No Way Home” was the most perfect example of what happens when Sony gets to take the lead on a film and Marvel gives creative direction, but there’s a reason why this relationship works.


As RedState previously reported, Sony refused to bend the knee to Chinese censors…twice. As a result, China banned the latest Spider-Man outing from the country. The demand from China was that the film was a bit too on the pro-America side with the Statue of Liberty being fitted to hold a giant replica of Captain America’s shield. When China demanded that the scene be changed to something less patriotic, Sony told the censors to take a hike.

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If left to its own devices, Disney would have caved. It does it all the time and even goes so far as to film its movies in the shadow of Chinese concentration camps and thank the Chinese government for the opportunity in the credits. Marvel, owned by Disney, would have likely obeyed the censors, but thankfully Sony still owns Spider-Man and thus has the final say in how the movies go.

I also heard rumors that Disney attempted to inject wokeness into the movie, which Sony also rejected. While these are only rumors I heard floating around, I wouldn’t be surprised to hear they’re true.

As I said in my review, No Way Home is one of the best superhero films ever made, and not due to the fact that it plays on the nostalgia of anyone who enjoyed the Raimi Spider-Man films, or the Andrew Garfield outing. It’s a love letter to the fans, to Spider-Man, to the actors that played him, and it allows it to be what it should be, pure escapism.


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The most important thing about a movie is that it’s good. The second most important thing in this day and age is what makes it good and that’s that the studio makes it responsibly. At this point in our history, a studio has many responsibilities. Not only does it have to make a film with good writing, good acting, good promotional campaigns, and more, it now also has to make sure it avoids a few more hurdles brought on by our current mainstream culture.

It has to resist the urge to inject censorship. That may sound like a common sense thing to do, but today it’s not.

For one, censorship is lucrative. All you have to do is what the Chinese government tells you and you can make millions more than you would without their market. Just inject a little pro-Chinese propaganda here, and a little less pro-America there, and strip out religious references (especially those to Christ), and you can have yourself a flick ready to make millions in the Chinese market. You’ll be much wealthier but you’ll have betrayed your own vision as well as the audience.


But censorship is also a social pressure, especially if you’re working in the entertainment industry. Producers, directors, actors, and more are infected with wokeness. The majority of the coastal entertainment industry are hard-leftists and they are incredibly fascistic in their beliefs. Step out of line with them and you may find yourself never getting work again. All you have to do to get a shot at becoming successful is do and believe everything they tell you, no matter how destructive or non-sensical.

Movie and television studios have become infested with wokeness. Even some gaming studios have had their fair share of it.

As a result, production is likely to contain shoehorned political statements in the form of stories, characters, or lines. This wokeness has sunk its claws so deep into Hollywood that it’s rendered many a film unwatchable. Amazon’s Wheel of Time, Paramount +’s Halo, and Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop are examples of beloved intellectual properties that were ruined by wokeness to the point where would-be fans have tuned out completely. Bebop was canceled after only three weeks due to the rejection by fans. I sense Halo isn’t far behind.

Get woke, go broke.


Sony’s success with No Way Home proved that if you want success then make a good movie. Do not inject politics into the escapism, do not bow to the whims of dictators be they political or social. Focus on the story, the fans, and stay true to the characters, and the chances that you’ll have success go much higher.

My hat is off to Sony, which is rare of me to say, but credit where it’s due. It proved something that needed to be proved and did something that needed to be done. It looked at all the entities demanding it bend the knee and it said “no.”


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