Communism Has Been Tried and the Reason It Fails Is Simple

Communism Has Been Tried and the Reason It Fails Is Simple
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There’s no such thing as a communist.

You may look at China, North Korea, or Portland and say that I’m wrong and that communists absolutely do exist, but there’s a difference between a person who says they’re a communist and a person that is a communist.

I don’t need to go too far into how communism failed every society that adopted it. If it hasn’t fallen already, it’s mired in corruption, starvation, disease, and violence. Citizens of these countries live in fear of their governments as making them angry at you may result in imprisonment, torture, or death. Some countries like North Korea won’t just punish you but your family as well. The backward system also keeps progress from happening to great degrees. Things we consider common household items like toilet paper and bread are hot items on the black market in countries like Venezuela.

As they struggle to stay fed, capitalist countries like America are launching rockets into space and bringing them back down to Earth. Even communist countries that seem successful, like China, are heavily capitalist when dealing with other countries while it rules their own citizens with an iron fist.

People who claim they’re communists say these examples are moot because true communism has never been tried. I’m here to tell you it has, it just can’t be accomplished. It absolutely has been tried, but it didn’t fail because those who attempted to implement it didn’t try hard enough, it’s because those who did try it are physically and mentally incapable of pulling it off.

Communism never worked because we’re the wrong species.

Humanity might have the aforementioned space rockets, electric cars, air conditioning, and instant communication from one end of the globe to another, but at the end of the day, we’re just smarter apes. We can put on elegant clothing and adopt very genteel societal customs, but when all is said and done we cannot break away from our apish nature.

We’re always going to want better than what we have and one of us apes, with even half a teaspoon of ambition, will strive for it. The male of our species will always make resource acquisition a priority in order to attract better mating opportunities. The female of our species is naturally attracted to competent, fit males in order to raise more secure, healthier offspring.

We are also very tribal, and we will look to make our tribe better than other tribes, be it our family or even our favorite sports team.

Moreover, we will fight vigorously to keep what is ours. We’re highly territorial and are known to injure, maim, or kill anyone who encroaches on our territory without permission. While our humanity has created laws to stop us from allowing our apish natures to take the lead on matters, the laws are oftentimes just more steps toward the fulfillment of our apish desires. We wish to punish the wrongdoer, but the law does it for us more fairly…at least most of the time.

Overall, we advanced apes do not have a nature that is compatible with communism, which requires ambition and egocentrism to be put aside in the name of the greater good. It requires us to believe that the only tribe we should concern ourselves with is the state and that any whims it has must be put above our own, including that of our families. Our offspring cannot belong to us but belong to the state, effectively robbing us of one of the greatest parts of ourselves.

Since we apes cannot naturally fulfill these requirements, the state will punish those who break from its requirements with severity, relying on our apish fear of pain and loss to keep us in line. This isn’t even mentioning the fact that the state is run by advanced apes that managed to climb a ladder and create their own tribe that rules all the others.

However, no matter how severe, eventually, cracks begin to form. At some point, a rebellion happens.

If we were hive-minded like ants or bees, then communism would stand a much better chance of working, but we’re not. It’s not possible.

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