An Angry Chip Roy Makes Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas Very Aware of His Failure at the Border

Greg Nash/Pool via AP

Republican Texas Representative Chip Roy is clearly angry about the atrocities happening in his state because the federal government that is supposed to be protecting its people by protecting its borders is refusing to do its job and allowing wave after wave of migrants into the country, including the criminal element that comes with it.


That’s why during a House Judiciary Committee hearing that happened on Thursday, Roy brought some visual aids to show Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas just what happens when you don’t secure the border.

Spoiler: It’s a lot of death and destruction.

“Mr. Secretary, do you know what this is?” began Roy as he held up a picture of a truck. “This is a mobile morgue, a body trailer needed by counties in south Texas overwhelmed by dead migrants.”

“That particular trailer is filled with these bodies,” continued Roy, showing a picture of stacked bodies in the back of the truck. “Twenty-seven bodies that were stored in this mobile morgue in south Texas with dead bodies of migrants. Dead bodies like this one found on a ranch just three weeks ago in south Texas, a dead migrant. Somehow that’s compassion.”

He wasn’t done.

“How about the dead bodies found by migrants? Compassion? How about the ranchers, who had to walk out of their door and this is what they faced, gentleman with rocks threatening a rancher in south Texas, only able to be saved when they are able to bring their dogs out to scare the people away in order to save themselves,” said Roy holding up more photos.


“How about the little girl here with a brand on her arm, a little girl with a brand on her arm because of your policies?” he said. “A little girl here in the desert found by ranchers trying to save their life. And how about the lost voices for people dying from fentanyl, the tens of thousands of Americans dying from fentanyl? Faces, faces of Americans, faces of Americans across this country dying because of fentanyl pouring into our country because of your policies that you know full well.”

The committee chair tried to shut Roy down as his time ran out but Roy wasn’t deterred and continued past the banging of the gavel and complaints from the chair.

“You’re encouraging cartels, encouraging people to come here, harming Texas and harming this country. You know it and you’re ignoring the actual truth!” said Roy.

Roy wasn’t the only one to go full bore into Mayorkas. As the New York Post reported, Colorado Republican Ken Buck informed Mayorkas that his constituency sees him as a traitor to the country.


“My constituents want you impeached because they believe you’ve committed treason,” said Buck. “They compare you to Benedict Arnold. You know, no parent with the last name Arnold names their kid Benedict. They wonder what will the Mayorkas family do down the road.”

Republicans are currently in a battle against the White House which wishes to revoke Title 42 which allows border agents to expel or turn migrants away at the border. Three states have filed a lawsuit against the Biden administration. The states are expected to win this lawsuit, an end the White House has already signaled it will abide by.


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