Ask and Ye Shall Receive: Libs of TikTok Delivers Supercut of Leftists Declaring They're Leaving Twitter

AP Photo/Jeff Chiu

Once it was confirmed that Tesla/SpaceX CEO Elon Musk had finalized his purchase of Twitter, I had but one request.


It would appear that Libs of TikTok heard my request, and likely the request of many others, and set out to find what they could. Conveniently, they delivered a supercut of leftists declaring that with Musk at the helm they won’t be on the platform.

You knew for a fact that the moment it was announced that someone who values freedom of speech owned the “de facto town square” that leftist would rush to TikTok in order to signal their virtue (throw temper tantrum) and declare they’re departing.

The question is, will many of them go?

Probably…at least for a little bit. Despite the left’s overdramatics, Twitter is still the most popular place to interact with people which means they’ll eventually be drawn back in. Some will definitely never be seen on the platform again but so long as many businesses, celebrities, politicians, and more benefit from interacting with the platform, people who are interested in following them will continue to be present.

I hope they stay too. It wouldn’t really be a town square if the only people who stuck around are the people who agree with you. That’s not to mention the fact that if the radical left suddenly did vacate the platform it would rob Twitter of quite a bit of entertainment value.


Taylor Lorenz suggested that leftists like her just go back to Tumblr, and my initial reaction was to cheer them on. To be sure, Tumblr was a legendary sideshow back in its heyday. Oddly, much of what we considered fringe behavior on Tumblr ended up being mainstream opinion today, which brings me to another reason I want as many leftists as possible to stay on the platform.

The last thing we want is to form ideological bubbles where we just reinforce our own opinions until they move into lunacy territory. Tumblr was just like that; a bunch of people telling themselves fantasies until they actually believed it in their bones. At least with their inclusion on Twitter their ridiculous opinions can be dragged out into the open and weighed, measured, and destroyed if need be.

So while it will be nice to have more voices on the platform those sitting to the right of Marx, I do hope we don’t see too many voices depart from the left. If they’re as stunning and brave as they claim they are, then they shouldn’t have too much of a hard time stunning those who disagree with them with their bravery.


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