Republicans May Sweep the Midterms but They Shouldn't Get Cocky

AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

The law of undulation is absolute. Being at the height of one’s power suggests that they’ll have a heigh to fall from and sure as the Earth circles the sun, the powerful will, at some point, become gutter trash over a long enough period of time. In the world of American politics, the party on top will soon be the party on the bottom and it can happen in just a handful of years.

Democrats are currently experiencing a downswing, and one of the most intense downswings they’ve had in a long, long time. It’s so bad, in fact, that the left has more or less written off the upcoming midterms. Many experts and media talking heads are calling it already with their outlook for Democrats seeming mighty grim.

Republicans are looking at a handsome victory, but before Republicans start patting themselves on the back they should probably understand that they were more passive onlookers to the fight than they were the warriors that made it happen.

From where I’m sitting, Republicans still look like the reactionary party of old, always playing defense instead of going on the attack and putting those guilty of doing this nation wrong on their heels, and making them think twice about messing with America.

If you get down to brass tacks, you can clearly see that the reason the Democrat Party is in such a wrecked and demolished state is that they foolishly kept their foot on the gas and drove as fast and hard as they could to the left. They lost control of their own vehicle and smashed into the brick wall that is the American people.

And they didn’t just do it once, they backed up and continued to smash their car into the wall repeatedly.

It was the Democrats who decided that we needed intense lockdown measures long after it was clear we didn’t need them and that they were destroying economies. Even as people lost their jobs and watched their businesses close, it was Democrats who continued to tell the American people they just had to suck it up in the name of “safety” while red states were doing much better.

It was Democrats who were instituting mask mandates on everyone, including in schools where they were clearly doing more harm than good. It was Democrats who attempted to pass vaccine mandates that cost a myriad of Americans their jobs and sent our already short-staffed hospitals into a panic.

It was Democrats who shut down our energy production on day one, only to have the energy crisis rear its ugly head not too much later on. It was Democrats that then chose to panic-buy oil from our enemies.

It was Democrats who tied the hands of our border agents behind their backs and used every opportunity to make their jobs harder, oftentimes painting them as villains for simply doing their jobs. This was while Democrats were crafting policies that made the border far less secure and practically welcomed in illegal immigrants, including the dangers that come with it such as increased crime rates, sex, and drug trafficking, and an increased burden on our healthcare system.

It was Democrats who pushed sexualization and race-centric brainwashing on our children, including in public schools and fought like rabid dogs when Republicans attempted to pass legislation that stopped things like that from happening.

This isn’t even counting all the things that Democrats pulled in between. The list is massive.

I’m not trying to say that Republicans didn’t make some stellar moves. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, like Parker Lewis, can’t lose. The guy can’t step out of bed without making the left look like fools. Texas Governor Greg Abbott began sending migrants his border agents caught straight to DC.

However, these offensive attacks are few and far between. Most of the winning moves against Democrats have been accomplished by the voters, and while it’s good that voters are acting against the wishes of the Democrats, voters can be swayed.

Republicans have to learn to go on the offensive more if they’re going to extend their upward pendulum swing. They need to put the left on the back foot instead of waiting for them to make a move to react against.

This isn’t so much a Republican victory as it is a Democrat loss.

Rest assured, Democrats will recover and regroup. They will find a leader and they will come surging back. If Republicans really want to give them hell when that happens, then they will learn to push the offensive now. Otherwise, they’re just waiting for the pendulum to swing again.


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