Twitter Employees Express Their Unhappiness About Musk Being the Largest Shareholder

As the western world celebrates Tesla CEO Elon Musk becoming the largest shareholder in the online “de-facto public square,” some of the employees at Twitter aren’t at all pleased about the development.


And no wonder. Twitter is something of a hard-left cesspool encased in an ideological bubble so thick that they seem to think death threats against anyone to the right of Marx is a-okay. They’re especially okay if they disagree with the mainstream transgender narrative and will only react if a large enough person brings the issue to the public’s attention.

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Andy Ngo went through and documented some of the reactions from Twitter employees as they learned about Musk’s controlling shares and they’re exactly what you’d think they are.

One “data scientist” on Twitter describing himself as a “Feminist Demisexual Genderqueer Trans Woman,” said he was “terrified” while a Senior Software Engineer said he worried about the “company culture” at Twitter.


More examples were posted at the Post Millennial, but these two examples are, in my opinion, a pretty solid indicator of where many of the employee’s heads are at.

While it’s unclear when or what Musk will do with his shares, what is clear is that Musk is doing this to make moves within the company to shake up its policies and bring more sanity to the platform.

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If that is the case, then these radical leftists and ideological identitarians should absolutely be worried about the company culture. Currently, the culture is hateful, exclusionary, and highly bigoted. There is a clear bias toward the hard-left and anyone expressing ideas that run contrary to theirs will find themselves having a hard time with Twitter’s ban hammer. Many conservatives have been kicked off the platform and many of them never even broke any of its rules. This includes President Donald Trump.

If Musk exerts any kind of real control over the company, it’s highly likely that banning, suspensions, and punishments will be scaled back tremendously. Interpretations of Twitter’s terms of service will likely no longer be accepted and the rules will be a lot more hard and fast, giving users a clear indication of what is and isn’t allowed on the platform instead of finding they crossed a line without understanding they were doing so later.


Also, free speech will be the platform’s primary virtue, which is something that it does not have at this point.

This may cause many people like those in the tweets above to react in different ways. They may stage a walkout like many leftists at these companies have been popularly doing lately, or they just quit, which would be the best-case scenario.

Either way, a change is on the horizon and it will be for the better. Twitter is in drastic need of change and if anyone can enact that change, it’s Musk.

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