When You Get the Urge to Use Your Religion as a Political Tool...Don't

Vatican Media via AP

Your political beliefs are downstream from your religious beliefs, or at least they should be. There is, of course, room for nuance, but there are just some lines that can’t be crossed.

To give you a good example of what I mean, I’m going to address the “murder” commandment from the Christian religion of which I am a part. God makes it pretty clear to his people that when it comes to murder, “you shall not.” Pretty simple and hard to misinterpret. Don’t kill someone in cold blood. There is, of course, wiggle room for self-defense and orders given by your superiors in war.

But if they’re innocent and you kill them, you’ve goofed in the eyes of the Almighty.

Democrat politicians largely don’t pay too much mind to the words of God or the teachings of Christ, but there are a few of them that claim to be fervently adherent to the rules and regs of the Christian faith. One of these claimants is our own President Joe Biden who made a pretty big deal of being an ardent Catholic.

Yet, for some reason, his Catholicism seems to take a back seat when it comes to the questions around abortion.

Like every Democrat, abortion is a high holy, and sacred right that cannot be questioned and must remain untouched. Even the deep and abiding love for Catholicism that Biden professes to have does not match the loyalty he has to the abortion industry.

As you can probably understand at this point, Christianity and abortion advocates are diametrically opposed to one another as the “thou shall not murder” rule conflicts with Christian beliefs, especially when it comes to children. The “life begins at conception” belief that most Christians share makes the “no murder” rule apply to children within the womb as well.

I’m not saying anything that most Christians don’t consider common sense. “Thou shall not kill” includes “thou shall not abort.”

But it’s clear that Biden doesn’t consider God’s commandments worthy of obedience if it means political trouble, and as such, one has to wonder if his claims of being a faithful member of the Catholic faith is nothing but empty talk to fool the religious into voting for him.

No one is perfect. Everyone is a sinner and they falter. It’s not a question of if but when.

But there’s a difference here. Biden has the power to help along with the cessation of murder, a command God has given us in terms of things we’re not supposed to do. We’re talking murder on a very, very large scale here. Yet he doesn’t.

This isn’t like some sin that is agreed upon by two consenting adults to each other. This is the termination of an innocent life who doesn’t get a choice in the matter.

If Biden wants to support abortion despite his supposed faith then that’s on him, but he needs to drop the act and make it clear that he’s willing to but a god before God.


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