We're Not Ready

Phil Noble/Pool Photo via AP

I don’t think it’s too hyperbolic to say that we’re dangerously close to another world war. Russia is invading Ukraine and practically daring us to interfere. China’s salivating over Taiwan has never been more noticeable.


But even more noticeable is the weakness being projected by the United States of America as events unfold. President Joe Biden is a lesser leader who has been displaying incompetence well before he was ever elected. He belongs to a party that has been coopted by radicalized ideologues who deny basic reality and embrace totalitarianism. With the help of authorities and abuse of state institutions, these radicals wage war on their fellow countrymen, destroying their lives and ruining entire communities.

But if there’s one thing these radicals have created, it’s the idea that weakness is good. Over-reliances of emotion and focus on skin-deep identities and the politics of identity are what matters most. It’s an idea that spread like a virus and it helped bring about the soft men that create hard times.

This softness spread everywhere, including into our own military where it culminated in one the largest signals that our nation had gone soft one had ever seen, and it was seen in a simple commercial advertising our armed forces. Identity politics are front and center.

Now compare this to Russia’s military ad. You won’t understand a word it says but you won’t need to. You’ll get the point.


Russia’s military isn’t out to promote identity politics or assist in some social agenda like America’s is. It makes it clear that it’s there to train hardened killers. Within the commercial is this translated to English:

“This is … the first day of your new life.”

“Here pain makes you stronger, scars are a daily occurrence … without an enemy there is no battle, and without a battle there is no victory. But in reality, the main enemy … is you, the you from yesterday.”

If you had to take one of those armies into a ground assault tomorrow, which one would you choose?

Leaders like Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping see all of this. They’re watching us, and I don’t mean the military. They’re monitoring the status of the American people, our feelings, our likes and dislikes, our cultural preferences, and the state of our national morale.

What they see is a country at war with itself from the top down. Our media keeps us at each other’s throats as activist groups fan the flames and reap the rewards. We’re a nation with an identity crisis from the individual to the federal. Our ideological divide is so wide that when the pendulum swings it does so to radical heights, but the end result is that we’ve never been less willing to do what’s necessary to protect ourselves in general.

Our national debt is unsustainable and our leaders are doing everything in their power to make it worse. They’re more concerned about identitarianism than making common-sense decisions. They work to disarm us from both our firearms and our ability to express ourselves.


Our predominant culture is woke culture and all the weaknesses it brings with it. We live in fear of upsetting each other’s sensibilities. We’re far more concerned about destroying each other than fighting off those who would see us shattered.

So of course Putin invaded Ukraine. Of course China is flying its aircraft into Taiwanese airspace. Why wouldn’t they? They’ve never been better positioned to do so.

If things become more severe than they already are, I worry for the state of our nation and its ability to defend itself, and I don’t even necessarily mean our military. I mean our people’s willingness to fight for each other and our country. I don’t see our media, our leaders, or our societal influencers having the willpower to resist what may come our way.

Our will to fight is just as important as our ability to fight, and I don’t think we’re ready.


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