Child's Play: Get a Load of What Gavin Newsom Calls a 'Weapon of War'

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If it wasn’t for fear and over-dramatics, would Democrat politicians have any possible way to sway the public on anything?

Like many a California Democrat, Governor Gavin Newsom utilizes sensationalism to push politics, especially when it comes to anti-gun sentiment. Now, the governor who seems to think abortion should be a fun pastime is highly concerned and outraged that your children are being courted by danger in the wide-open by none other than the dastardly firearms industry.


An AR-15 look-alike platform designed specifically for children has been created by a company called “Wee1 Tactical,” and despite the fact that this is a light-weight, .22 caliber rifle, Newsom wants you to know that they’re marketing a “weapon of war” to your child.

“This is VILE,” tweeted Newsom. “A skull & crossbones with a pacifier on weapon of war. Made to look “cute” to appeal to kids. The manufacturer calls this a ‘JR-15.’ Every NRA-backed politician should condemn this.”

I have only one question…how much is it?

Just to be perfectly clear, if Newsom thinks they’re handing out .22 caliber rifles to soldiers and sending them out to fight, then I’ve got some news for him that he might find fascinating.

Looking at Wee1 Tactical’s site, you can see that the company is focused on safety and education about firearms. The purpose of the “JR-15” rifle is to allow the child to be introduced to long rifles with a safety system that parents still control. Wee1 said in a press release that when they designed the gun, safety was at the forefront of their mind:


Our goal from day one was to develop a shooting platform that was not only sized correctly, and safe, but also looks, feels, and operates just like Mom and Dad’s gun. Safety was so much at the forefront of our thought process that we developed and patented a tamper resistant safety that puts the adult in control of the firearms safety switch. The developers of the Wee1 Tactical JR-15 have been in the firearms market for over 40 years. Schmid Tool has been providing firearms components to our customers in the AR-15 market specifically for more the 30 years. We are so excited to start capturing the imagination of the next generation to enter the shooting sports.

The company adds that they hope the JR-15 allows for “proper mentorship” that can “build confidence and teach responsibility.”

This is a superb idea, and I’m happy that this platform is being released. In a time when there’s so much bad faith discussion and fearmongering around firearms, it’s great to be able to teach children using such an educational tool to drown out the noise with knowledge and know-how.

Giving your child a firearm as a gift is, in this man’s humble opinion, one of the greatest gifts you can give as it comes with a lot of lessons and responsibilities that the child can take with them throughout their life.


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But if there’s one thing Newsom’s tweet highlights, it’s that those who shout the most about the outrageousness of firearms are the ones who know the least about them. It’s unlikely that Newsom has any idea about the specifics of this gun, and I doubt he really cares to know them. He’s got one thing on his mind and it’s not the kids or the dangers of firearms, it’s making himself seem like a warrior for good.

Of course, I don’t know any warrior for good whose mission it is to keep people afraid and in ignorance.


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