"Educate Yourself" Isn't the Great Response the Left Thinks It Is

How often have you seen this happen?

You are in an argument with a leftist or watching one happen. At some point during the argument, the left throws out a suggestion that is really just an insult.

“Read some books and educate yourself.”

The meaning is obvious. You’re an idiot and they’re far more educated than you, especially on the topic you’re arguing about in particular. If you would just educate yourself by reading some books then you wouldn’t even be having this argument in the first place. You’d be in 100 percent agreement with them and you would be as enlightened as they are.

Which books? Oftentimes they don’t say because the leftist you’re likely arguing with isn’t as educated as they let on. Usually, they’re just virtue signaling and confident in the pretentious authority of those they’re taking their cues from. But every now and again you’ll get someone who actually did do some reading. They’ll tell you to load up on the knowledge in these books, but the issue is that these books are oftentimes incredibly left-leaning and radically so. They’re usually opinion-based screeds on the world that purposefully leave out facts in order for their views to fly unhindered.

You often see this in feminist-based writing. To be sure, a very public argument between a show host and a Redditor gave us a very good example of this.

As reported by Bounding Into Comics, Redditor user “Sean_Finnegan” got into an argument with G4TV personality and Xplay host Indiana Black (aka “Frosk) who recently found herself in hot water for using her platform to do what many social justice advocates and feminists do, and that’s paint the gaming space with the broad brush of sexism. The nearly three-minute rant began after she was criticized for getting facts wrong about a couple of games and decided to make the criticism about sexism rather than take her blows and try again.

This angered gamers for being labeled as sexist despite the vast majority being innocent and caused the newly relaunched G4 to experience a crash in viewers and subscriptions that it has yet to recover from.

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Black would later get into an argument with a Reddit user on the G4TV subreddit with Sean_Finnegan. I won’t get into the details as Bounding Into Comics covered that, but I do want to point out that after receiving what was is clearly a very brutal but fair telling off by Finnegan, Black decided to resort to the feminists favorite parting shot; read books and educate yourself:

You should read on some feminist lit to better educate yourself on these topics, I really recommend Eloquent Rage by Britney Cooper or Ain’t I Woman? By Bell Hooks.”

Taking a look at these authors, you can tell why Black thinks the way she does. Cooper’s Twitter is a host of “fight the patriarchy” views, even going so far as to accuse Black men of being just like White supremacists when they disagree with her radical feminism. She’s also a hardcore Democrat, but that’s likely not surprising.

Bell Hooks is often thought of as a mother of modern feminism and focused a lot on anti-patriarchal thought. A TIME magazine article dedicated to her described her as knowing society would have to “set cis normative, patriarchal norms on fire to begin the work of healing Black trauma.”

This is definitely some hard-left radicalism, an ideology famous for breaking with reality in order to push fantastical ideas of victimhood, trauma, and struggle.

Herein we see the issue with the “educate yourself” claim.

It’s not about education, it’s about indoctrination. They’re demanding that you infuse yourself with the same fantasies they define themselves through.

It is, in truth, the opposite of education.


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