Media and Leftist Activists Furious Over Parents Now Pushing for 'Curriculum Transparency' In Schools

Media and Leftist Activists Furious Over Parents Now Pushing for 'Curriculum Transparency' In Schools
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There’s nothing short of a war happening for the heart, souls, and minds of America’s children taking place within the country’s education system, and while that may sound hyperbolic, the lengths the left was going to in order to teach your children to be obedient to their ideology instead of teaching them to be free-thinking Americans is undeniable.

According to NBC News, the latest attempt by parents to keep their children safe from leftist indoctrination is to simply have the educator’s lesson plan posted online.

This really shouldn’t be that big of an ask, but naturally, the leftists are mounting a defense of keeping what these schools want to teach your children secret. Moreover, there are activist groups attempting to paint this as an attack on free speech, which is rich coming from the left.

NBC News reported that 12 states have introduced legislation that requires schools to post their curriculum online:

Lawmakers in at least 12 states have introduced legislation to require schools to post lists of all of their teaching materials online, including books, articles and videos. The governors of Arizona, Florida and Iowa, who have previously raised concerns about how teachers discuss racism’s impact on politics and society, called for curriculum transparency laws in speeches to their legislatures this month.

Naturally, NBC News wants to paint this as not just being a censorship issue but a racial one. For instance, they make a point to refer to Critical Race Theory as “racial sensitivity training” and note that conservative group Manhattan Institute fellow Christopher Rufo has been resisting it.

As goes the leftist narrative on CRT, so goes the reporting. NBC News makes the resistance to Critical Race Theory seem like a witchhunt that has forced innocent people into hiding and banned books from Black authors:

While most schools have insisted that they don’t teach critical race theory, a new report by UCLA’s Institute for Democracy, Education, and Access found that local efforts to restrict schools from teaching or using critical race theory emerged in at least 894 school districts, which enroll more than a third of all K-12 students in the country. The outrage over critical race theory has resulted in educators’ being ousted from their jobs, parents’ becoming suspicious of mental health initiatives and schools’ banning books by Black authors.

NBC News links to stories about the fallout from parents resisting Critical Race Theory but doesn’t elaborate on them. For instance, the educator ousted from his job was a superintendent who resigned less than a year after attaining the position due to conflicts he quickly developed with parents and concerned citizens after his “woke” ideology began paving the way for the hard-leftism seen in schools today.

The “mental health initiatives” were actually conversations school counselors were having with children about social justice and sexuality from as early as 5th grade and being paid $90k a year for it, and the books banned by a black author were allegedly teaching children social justice concepts such as “microaggressions.”

Again, posting curriculums online shouldn’t be a big deal, but the left is making it one. Parents have every right to be concerned about what their children are learning or reading, and moreover, they should be. Last October, one school superintendent defended a book displaying homosexual porn, referring to it as art on par with Michaelangelo. There are other books depicting pedophilic acts in schools as well.

There’s much more to it than just these examples as well, but despite the mounting evidence that parents should be worried, public educational institutions not only pretend like there’s nothing to worry about but even go so far as to push the idea that parents have no right to knowledge about their children’s education.

The Michigan Democrat party even flat-out said so in a now-deleted Facebook post according to Fox News:

“Not sure where this ‘parents-should-control-what-is-taught-in-schools-because-they-are-our-kids’ is originating, but parents do have the option to send their kids to a hand-selected private school at their own expense if this is what they desire,” the post read.

“The purpose of public education in public schools is not to teach kids only what parents want them to be taught,” the Michigan Democratic Party’s post continued. “It is to teach them what society needs them to know. The client of the public school is not the parent, but the entire community, the public.”

At some point, the left’s ideological bubble became so thick that they began to believe that they were entitled to the upbringing of their own children. They are gravely mistaken, and it will be parents who show them this.

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