'Bring It On': Manchin Signals He Won't Be Intimidated by His Fellow Democrats

The left has been doing its level best to pressure and intimidate Democrat Senators Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema into supporting the elimination of the Senate filibuster, which has been an obstacle between the Democrats and their ability to pass whatever legislation they please.


The Democrat’s proverbial cannons have been pointed squarely at the two, but Manchin isn’t phased in the least. In fact, the hard-left of the Democrat party has threatened to primary Manchin, to which he effectively shrugged it off, and even welcomed the attempt.

“I’ve been primaried my entire life. That would not be anything new for me. … Bring it on,” Manchin told reporters according to The Hill.

Democrats are attempting to punish Manchin and Sinema by putting them on the record as to where they stand. The Hill reported that Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is allowing his hard-left colleagues a chance to “vent their frustrations” with the duo, allowing them to officially point the finger for the party’s failure at anyone but themselves.

“The public is entitled to know where each senator stands on an issue as sacrosanct as defending our democracy,” Schumer said on Tuesday.

Still, Manchin isn’t phased and reiterated that he’s not changing his mind.

“The majority of my colleagues in the Democratic caucus have changed their minds. I respect that. They have a right to change their minds. I haven’t. I hope they respect that too. I’ve never changed my mind on the filibuster,” Manchin told reporters.

For Manchin, the filibuster is an important part of the Senate and won’t take part in changing it so that one party can have absolute rule over the country.


“That’s never happened. That’s never happened in the history in our country,” Manchin said on bills just need a simple majority instead of a supermajority.

Manchin’s rejection of the power grab isn’t just necessary, it’s absolutely brave. Considering the Democrat’s efforts to destroy him, he’s not backing down. Interestingly enough, it’s made him something of a powerhouse within the Democrat Party.

If Manchin and Sinema pull off the destruction of the Democrat Party’s agenda and then manage to maintain their offices after their reelection campaigns after many other Democrats lose their seats, it may trigger something of a revolution within the Democrat Party that brings the party back toward the center.

To be sure, the Democrat civil war is set to happen one way or another, but we may be looking at the events that lead to it.


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