The Extreme Left Has Finally Admitted Their End Game for Your Children

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“He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future.”

One of Adolf Hitler’s biggest goals was to brainwash the youth into being loyal little Hitlerites because he knew if he could have them in body, mind, and spirit, then the future was secure. His loyal children would grow into loyal supporters of the state. They would live, work, breed, fight, and die for him and his power.


It’s the goal of all tyrants. Joseph Stalin knew it and he too attempted to secure the youth. The Kim family has been controlling the thoughts of the youth for ages.

The radical left of the United States is also a tyrannical force with a draconian will, and it too has a goal of bringing your children under their control. They’ve been attempting to do so without your knowledge for some time, but now, at least one of them is openly admitting that your children should belong to them.

According to Joe Mathews at the VCStar, despite California Governor Gavin Newsom’s “equity” promise that big tech has signed onto, parents are still in the way. According to Mathews, parents with more privilege tend to hand that privilege down to their children who then compound it and turn it into more wealth, establishing haves amidst others that remain have nots after not having been born into privilege.

His solution? Illegalize parenting.

He’s not kidding:

My solution — making raising your own children illegal — is simple, and while we wait for the legislation to pass, we can act now: the rich and poor should trade kids, and homeowners might swap children with their homeless neighbors.

Now, I recognize that some naysayers will dismiss such a policy as ghastly, even totalitarian. But my proposal is quite modest, a fusion of traditional philosophy and today’s most common political obsessions.

In his “Republic,” Plato adopted Socrates’ sage advice — that children “be possessed in common, so that no parent will know his own offspring or any child his parents” — in order to defeat nepotism, and create citizens loyal not to their sons but to society.


Mathews believes that “universal orphanhood” is something that we can all rally around, including “Trumpians,” because it allows the left to teach children social justice, elimination of gender norms, and anti-racism, and it allows Republicans to separate children from their parents which is something Mathews thinks the right likes because of border policies This actually happened quite a bit under Obama, but I digress.

He also reasons that this would end the need for abortion since instead of parents who can’t afford to have children aborting them, they can just hand them over to the state:

Universal orphanhood also dovetails nicely with the pro-life campaign to end abortion rights. In fact, a suggestion from Justice Amy Coney Barrett, during a recent case that could overturn Roe, inspired this column. She posited that abortion rights are no longer necessary because all 50 states now have “safe haven” laws allowing women to turn their babies over to authorities after birth. My proposal would merely make mandatory such handovers of babies to the state.

There’s a part of me that thinks — or perhaps wants — to believe that this is at least somewhat an attempt at angry satire and that Mathews wrote it as a way of coping with Barrett’s comments about abortion. If it wasn’t for communist history, then I might have fully shrugged this off, but this isn’t the first time leftists have suggested this and it won’t be the last. In fact, Mathews coming right out and stating the obvious tells me that the lunatics will start coming out of the woodwork.


I can tell Mathews that the response from the vast majority of America will be an emphatic “no.”

Firstly, our children are our children, and we’ll raise them as free-thinking citizens and individuals, not programmed robots that serve the state as their master. Some would argue that raising a child to be an American patriot is just as bad because it programs them to be loyal American citizens, but there’s a stark difference between raising an American and raising something like a communist.

An American is a person who respects freedom and individuality. He’s someone who understands that the chaos of varying ideologies, religions, races, and more makes for a solid society that advances far faster than previous civilizations had thought possible. To bring someone up as an American is the opposite of programming someone to be a robot, it’s opening a mind to be something far greater.

With a state-run upbringing, you can only be one thing; a slave. Everything and anything you do is done because it benefits the rulers and what they rule. Your usefulness begins and ends where the state says it does, and the moment you become troublesome or cease to be useful, your time on this Earth shortens dramatically. You’re not a person, you’re a tool.

Handing your children over to the state was never ideal, to begin with, and handing them over to the state like the kind Mathews envisions is a horrific prospect. Communist nations like the kind the extreme left work toward never go anywhere and must rely on nations with more freedom to thrive.


Parents will continue to be the great foil to the left, and it will likely have to be nothing short of an all-out war in order to change that.


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