The Fearmongering Over COVID-19 Has Infected Us More Than the Virus

The Fearmongering Over COVID-19 Has Infected Us More Than the Virus
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At the very beginning of the pandemic, COVID-19 had its dangers but it was pretty easy to identify who was in the most danger. Many people were willing to risk getting the virus because they knew that if they did, they’d get over it, but went along with the precautions in order to see to it that the spread didn’t overwhelm hospitals.

Then the Delta variant emerged and people became even less afraid, choosing to ditch precaution and deal with the virus if they got it. Those who were predisposed to the dangers of the virus still needed to be cautious, but otherwise, the pandemic was over for most of the American people. You could see this exhibited by the lifting of lockdowns, removals of masks, and even protests in states where they decided economy-killing lockdowns were still necessary.

Now we have Omicron, and you might as well call the COVID-19 virus an annoyance more than a threat. I recently got it myself and while it did have me down for a few days, I’d hardly say it was a life-changing illness. In fact, I’ve had Flu-A and it’s safe to say I’d rather have Omicron, hands down. Moreover, Omicron is sweeping the nation and while there have been serious cases, most people seem to be gone for about a week (if that) and then coming right back no worse for the wear.

But all the while that this virus has been making the rounds and mutating into ever-less dangerous variants of itself, the media and politicians have been spreading their own virus, and that’s the fear of the virus. From the very beginning, people in high places found that fear of the unknown makes people very susceptible to suggestion and, more importantly, submissive. Many citizens were not only accepting of lockdowns, they were outright enthusiastic about them to the point of going on the offense against others to have them enforced.

Fear surrounding the virus rose to ridiculous levels, resulting in zealous hatred of those who didn’t take the virus as seriously as they were convinced they should. People went to extremes in order to not contract or spread it. Even amidst the shallow danger of Omicron, many are still going to imbecilic lengths about it, including flat-out child abuse.

According to Fox News, Texas teacher Sarah Beam made her son get into the trunk of her car so as not to contract the virus herself when she took him to a testing site. She was charged with felony endangering of a child.

One mother, a popular, blue-checked doctor on Twitter named Tatiana Prowell, showed a picture of her son’s swollen ankle and declared that he had rolled his ankle “BADLY” the previous night, but because Omicron is currently making its way around the nation, she wouldn’t be taking him to urgent care for Xrays, and will have it all sorted out when the Omicron variant passes. Prowell has now protected her tweets after a great deal of backlash, but the internet is forever.

One parent actually punished their child for contracting the virus, effectively grounding him and imprisoning him in his room.

All of these are basically examples of child abuse. Beam endangered her son by putting him into an insecure part of the car. Should there have been an accident then it’s likely that her son would have either been injured or killed. Yet, Beam would have rather risked that kind of consequence than contract an increasingly mild virus that she was convinced is going to kill everyone.

The same can be said of Prowell, who abused her child by risking permanent injury to him by improperly allowing his ankle to heal in order to avoid the temporary setback of Omicron. Judging by her Twitter profile, she has made an entire following out of COVID fearmongering as a doctor. Either she’s convinced herself with her own fearmongering or she’s doing this to further her internet profile. Either way, she’s abusing her child over it.

The same can be said with the final woman, who is treating her child contracting Omicron like she had discovered drugs in his drawer. There is no reason for the child to be punished.

This is the madness that people have been driven to thanks to the narratives around the virus. At no point should this have ever been treated as a world-ending ordeal, yet it was because a few people in high places profited off of it. The madness has gotten so deep that it’s caused people to devolve into child abusers.

At this point, the fear of the virus is more dangerous than the virus itself.

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