The Next Rush Limbaugh

The Next Rush Limbaugh
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Once talk radio legend and conservative thought leader, the great Rush Limbaugh passed, a conversation naturally began around the nation that was had by conservative listeners and worried leftist tastemakers alike.

“Who is going to be the next Limbaugh?”

Sure, there would be people who filled in on his radio show, but that doesn’t mean that host is the next Limbaugh. That’d be like saying Adam Lambert is the next Freddie Mercury. Sure, he’s fronting Queen, but he’s no Mercury.

If we’re being completely honest, there is no replacing Rush Limbaugh. He was a singular personality that can be imitated but not replicated. His way with words, his quick wit, his ability to convincingly convey ideas, and his talent for seeing through the veil of modern political fog to tell you exactly what’s happening is a one-of-a-kind combination that formed the man who was America’s most popular political talk radio show host.

But that spirit of waking people up as Limbaugh could absolutely be taken on by someone else, and I think we can easily conclude that this already has happened.

Joe Rogan is doing exactly what Rush Limbaugh did, and whether many would like to admit it or not, Rogan is, in many ways, the new Limbaugh.

It seems odd to say since Rogan isn’t even a Republican, but Limbaugh’s magic wasn’t that he created Republicans, it’s that he was capable of ripping back the curtain that leftists attempt to place on society and he exposed the “wizard” behind it. Rogan, especially lately, has done much of the same.

For instance, his last episode of “The Joe Rogan Experience” introduced us to Dr. Robert Malone, one of the fathers of the modern vaccine. It’s here the two exposed some very sinister things behind the creation of the vaccines, the companies who invented them, and the politicians and bureaucrats who pushed it on their people, including our own.

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Like Limbaugh, Rogan is under an inordinate amount of scrutiny and attack by the left as they fear his ability to lead people away from their chosen narrative with relative ease. They do their absolute best to invent reasons people shouldn’t listen to him, they try to paint him as irresponsible and even stupid. The media invent lies about him with no shame. All of it out of fear of his ability to make people listen and learn about things they’d rather them not learn about.

And the amount of people learning from Rogan is massive. According to the numbers, Rogan had some 11 million listeners in Q3 of 2021. For context, Fox News’s Tucker Carlson brought in 3.24 million viewers, and he’s the most-watched cable news host in America. Rogan’s audience dwarfs Carlson’s by leaps and bounds. Limbaugh himself had somewhere around 15 million listeners according to his enemies. Others say he had far more.

Let’s be clear. Rogan and Limbaugh couldn’t be more different in personality. They could hardly be considered ideological twins, but they’re very similar in terms of results. They red pill people by the millions. They cause massive amounts of fear to permeate through the left’s narrative crafters. They unapologetically express their ideas and do not fear backlash.

The man currently carrying Limbaugh’s torch is someone few people may have expected or may even accept, but the results are the results.

Joe Rogan is the new Rush Limbaugh.


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