New York to Openly Discriminate Against White People In COVID-19 Treatments

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In a move that may not surprise many given its fall into hard-left politics, New York has openly embraced racism and will discriminate against white people when it comes to COVID-19 treatments.


Apparently, the supply of Paxlovid and Monoclonal antibody treatments are low and must be rationed out. According to New York, they’ve begun picking who should and shouldn’t be prioritized, and according to them, not being white makes you far more susceptible to the virus, and thus white people will be shoved to the back of the line for treatments.

“Non-white race or Hispanic/Latino ethnicity should be considered a risk factor, as longstanding systemic health and social inequities have contributed to an increased risk of severe illness and death from COVID-19,” reads a memo from the New York Department of Health.

According to Fox News, a New York Health Department official passed the buck off to the CDC who claimed that despite the obvious discrimination, no one will be disqualified for treatment based on skin color:

Erin Silk, a spokesperson for the New York Department of Health, told Fox News in a statement that the state’s “prioritization guidance comes directly from the CDC” and that neither “race nor ethnicity would disqualify an individual from receiving treatment.”

“Systemic poverty, which has clearly proven to be a risk factor in populations in New York State and nationwide, is added to the algorithm of prioritization similar to all other risk factors. It is merely mentioned as a factor that increases risk,” she wrote.


Silk is technically speaking the truth, but it doesn’t address the issue. No, white people aren’t expressly disqualified from receiving treatment, but they’ll definitely be deprioritized under this guidance from the Health Department.

There will likely be a lot of questions around the legality of prioritizing races when it comes to medical care, but when these questions will be brought up and by who has not been answered yet.

While the legal ramifications are yet to be discussed, the moral grounds are easily discernable. This is pure, unadulterated racism that discriminates against a certain skin color, which is something we as a society learned was bad decades and decades ago. Yet, the regressivism of the hard-left, which has thoroughly infested New York politics, is setting it back all those decades and now pushing forward this idea that one race deserves better than another.

To be sure, each person in New York’s leadership should be asked whether or not they’re in support of this, and each answer should inform the voters exactly where they stand in terms of how far to the left they lean.

But moreover, they shouldn’t be surprised when people who have no faith in their government to help them get the proper medical care go to other options in order to seek treatment. This includes things that have helped others in the past such as hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin, both which have been said to help others and both which have been ruled dangerous by the very left now withholding treatments from people based on their race.



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