The Young Turks' Cenk Uygur Gets It All So Wrong During Omicron Tantrum

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Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks is good for very little, but one thing we can always rely on him for is flipping out and saying over-the-top things that we can laugh at and, in a way, learn from.


For instance, take this tantrum that he threw over “unvaccinated clowns” spreading around Omicron and tweeting “congratulations Joe.”

“Unvaccinated clowns who are causing giant Omicron surge are now tweeting “Congratulations Joe” as if it’s Biden’s fault. Ok, do you want him to lock all of you down? Since right-wing is more diseased and contagious, he could take strong action – and then you would cry even more,” tweeted Uygur.

Let’s dissect this frog.

For one, Omicron is sweeping the nation because the COVID-19 virus is doing what all viruses do, and that’s trying to become the common cold; super transmissible but hardly deadly. As you can see in reports, the Coronavirus is making that progress now. Omicron is spreading like wildfire but not really killing many.


Secondly, it’s not the “unvaccinated clowns” that are spreading Omicron. Right now, it’s tearing through New York City, one of the most vaccinated places in America with over 70 percent having gotten the two jabs.

The same can be said of Los Angeles, currently under a tidal wave of Omicron, and as we all know that is a place just infested with right-wingers.

Thirdly is Ugyurs odd fan-fiction about the kind of powers President Joe Biden has. He seems to believe that Biden can lock America down with the wave of his hand. You’d think a guy like Uygur, whose job it is to scream and yell about political matters on camera, would at least have a basic grasp of federalism.

I guess he doesn’t.

To be clear, Biden cannot lock us all down. He can lockdown federally owned properties such as national parks, monuments, the Capitol, White House, etc., but he cannot order a state to lockdown. If he could have, he would have already, or at least done so to specific states he doesn’t like such as Texas or Florida, both of which continue to figuratively serve him middle fingers.


So no, he can’t take any “strong action” against states that Ugyur likely has in mind. If Biden did attempt it, their respective governors would laugh in his face and use the moment as campaign fuel.

Also, of all the people crying, I’m not sure it’s the unvaccinated doing it. In fact, reality has been proving those who have been resisting the vaccine correct quite a bit, and that’s pissed off no one more than the people who continue to be proven wrong about it like Uygur, who then go on angry rants on Twitter.

To recap, Uygur managed to be wrong four different times in one tweet.

It’s actually kind of impressive.


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