COVID-19 Is a Business, Not a Pandemic

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We’re all supposed to panic about Omicron now. If you’re not panicking, then you’re probably one of those science-denying conservatives and we all know you don’t want to be found out to be one of them.

So far there’s not really much to panic about in terms of Omicron. Democrats and the media want to push hard on the fact that this variation of the COVID-19 virus is 70 times more contagious than previous variants but in the world of viruses, the goal is to trade its harmful characteristics for transmissibility. In other words, it can keep its host from dying while using it to replicate more of itself. Killing off its host isn’t really good business for viruses.

It’s not very good business for the pharmaceutical companies either. The less you are afraid of something the less likely you are to buy their product and right now they’ve got state entities trying to forcibly shove what they make down your throat. Vaccines and boosters were such a moneymaker for the past two years that’s created new billionaire CEOs.

But Omicron is a wrench in the gears for them. Pfizer, for instance, has a fourth vaccine on the verge of release and if you’re not sufficiently afraid then you’re not lining up to get the vaunted “jab.”

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But it’s not just that. Pfizer wants to jab your kids too, and why not? Doing so would send their profits skyrocketing into the stratosphere if approved. According to the New York Post, the pharmaceutical company is aiming squarely at adolescents:

Pfizer says its vaccine is 100 percent effective at preventing coronavirus among 12- to 15-year-olds.

The pharmaceutical giant points to a study it conducted with 2,228 adolescents in which 30 children who got the placebo contracted coronavirus while none of the children who got the vaccine contracted the virus.

The company reports that six months after the trial concluded, there are still no major safety concerns observed.

Adolescents are administered the same dosage as adults and receive two shots of the vaccination — just like adults.

No drawbacks! Jab your teenagers!

Imagine a school requiring your kid has to have a jab in order to attend with the threat of being held back if they don’t. There’s a lot of teenagers out there who are looking at their oncoming adult lives and desperate to get to the next stage. Moreover, there are scared parents out there who have been well indoctrinated into the idea that Omicron is a world-ender and that only the vaccine can save us. That’s a lot of jabs.

And that’s a lot of money.

Only kids have been proven to be largely unaffected by the Coronavirus and have been since the original variant. Omicron is likely going to be even less so. In fact, in South Africa where the Omicron variant originated, the death rate is plummeting.

Not a good seedbed for panic, and with no panic, there’s no rush for a vaccine. With no rush for a vaccine, your sales start going down. When your sales start going down there’s no bonus.

I expect there’s going to be a very hard push on the fearmongering over the next couple of weeks, even more so than now. Just remember that you’re not being sold safety, you’re being sold the idea of safety. The vaccine isn’t even stopping the transmission of the virus, especially Omicron.

So at this point, it’s just a last-attempt cash-grab before the age of COVID is over. It’s already artificially extended far past what it should be and people are getting worn out about it, so it’s just a race to gather the last bit of bills at the bottom of the barrel.

It’s over. Don’t fall for the sales pitch.


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