Wil Wheaton Tries to Cancel Dave Chappelle, Has Massive Meltdown Instead

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Many have tried to cancel comedian Dave Chappelle and all of them have failed. At this point, it’s become free advertising for Chappelle and more reason to watch him out of spite for America.


If anyone is going to cancel Chappelle, however, it’s not Star Trek alum and social justice obsessed Wil Wheaton, but he gave it his all anyway. Safe to say, his all wasn’t good enough, and instead, he ended up driving himself into a full-blown meltdown.

As first reported by Bounding Into Comics, Wheaton became incensed when it was announced that Chappelle would be headlining Netflix’s Netflix Is a Joke Festival. It would make sense since Chappelle is Netflix’s most popular comedian, but according to Wheaton, Chappelle shouldn’t have even been an option.

Taking to a now-locked Facebook post, Wheaton professed his outrage and said that every comic should immediately pull out of the Festival until Netflix caves and the “despicable bigot” Chappelle is taken off the roster.

“Absolutely disgusted. Every single comedian who is on this bill should withdraw unless and until this despicable bigot is uninvited,” wrote Wheaton.

He even then went on to shame the comedians who signed on.

“Any comedian who is part of this should be ashamed of themselves. Netflix may not believe in holding this piece of shi* to account, but you all have to live with yourselves and the choices you make to perform with him,” he continued.

The blowback to Wheaton’s post was overwhelming, causing Wheaton to lash out at commenters, targeting “cishet white men” in particular, but that was just the beginning. He proceeded to follow this up with a very lengthy comment explaining why he was so angry about Chappelle. Eventually, he turned it into its own post.


I’ll spare you the details, but the summary is that Wheaton blamed comedy for turning him into a bigoted person who hated homosexuals, specifically Eddie Murphy’s comedy, and only learned how wrong he was when he “dropped the slur that starts with F” in a locker room full of guys he didn’t know were gay after a hockey game. He blamed his ignorance on being a privileged white kid and blamed a comedian for his behavior.

“Let me put this another way: A comedian who I thought was one of the funniest people on the planet totally normalized making a mockery of gay people, and because I was a privileged white kid, raised by privileged white parents, there was nobody around me to challenge that perception. For much of my teen years, I was embarrassingly homophobic, and it all started with that comedy special,” he wrote.

Turning back to Chappelle, he attempts to sell the idea that Chappelle’s comedy is going to encourage the same type of ignorant white behavior Murphy did:

So this stuff that Chapelle did? That all these Cishet white men are so keen to defend? I believe them when they say that it’s not a big deal. Because it’s not a big deal TO CISHET WHITE DUDES. But for a transgender person, those “jokes” normalize hateful, ignorant, bigoted behavior towards them. Those “jokes” contribute to a world where transgender people are constantly under threat of violence, because transgender people have been safely, acceptably, dehumanized. And it’s all okay, because they were dehumanized by a Black man. And the disingenuous argument that it’s actually racist to hold Chapelle accountable for this? Get the f**k out of here.


Why do I highlight this? Because I think it’s important to see how blind the social justice obsessed actually are.

For one, Wheaton is so blinded that he’s throwing any comedy that runs contrary to what boundaries are set by the left as white people’s comedy. According to him, it’s only straight white men that are laughing at Chappelle’s jokes. This is demonstrably false, but Wheaton doesn’t want to even think about who all may be laughing because if he actually saw the full scope, his entire argument and belief system would be challenged.

Secondly, he’s equating speech with violence, which is a ridiculous concept but one popularized on the hard-left because it’s an effective method of getting people to shut up and have the conversations in the way the hard-left wants them to. Speech is not violence, violence is violence. Hurt feelings are not the same as physical assault.

But most of all, Wheaton proves that the social justice obsessed don’t understand comedy. If you actually watch Chappelle’s routine, he’s not hateful to trans people at all. Sure, he pokes fun but it’s all good-natured, and moreover, the only people he really targets are the trans activist community which is objectively horrible to everyone. He even ends his latest special with a heartwarming/tragic story about one of his transgender friends.

This doesn’t matter to the woke who see any laughter directed at their protected groups as malicious and violent. They’ve completely lost the plot on reality, not just about the situation of the transgendered individual but what comedy is and what it’s for.


Humanity needs to be able to laugh and laugh at things we’re not supposed to. Finding humor in tragedy makes the world a bit more tolerable, and while the hard-left believes that laughing at people results in violence, it too is actually good for society as it keeps the growth of societal sacred cows in check.

Wheaton, and indeed all those participating in woke culture, need a stark reality check. Not every joke directed at the left’s pet groups is malicious. Not every white man is privileged and ignorant. Speech is not violence. The LGBT community is no infallible.

And geek icons should probably step down from their high horses and stop attempting to lord their opinions over everyone else to the point of shaming others for merely doing their jobs.


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