Death Threats Have Already Begun Rolling In for the Judge of the Rittenhouse Trial, Including to His Children

Mark Hertzberg/Pool Photo via AP

Kyle Rittenhouse has been on trial under claims by the left that he’s a dangerous, violent psychopath and a white supremacist, yet for a lot of people who want to see him locked up because he’s a danger to society the people who are against him seem to be quite okay with threatening violence against innocents to get their way.


As reported by the Daily Mail, Judge Bruce Schroeder has received a number of death threats, including wishes of death on his kids. The Mail said it reviewed “hundreds of offensive communications” sent to Schroeder, many containing basic insults and accusations of being racist, while others go much further:

Among the most disturbing messages to the judge was one that threatens the lives of the judge’s children, promises ‘pay back,’ and states that Rittenhouse ‘won’t live long’ if acquitted.

The email, much of which is too offensive to reproduce, states the hope that one day Judge Schroeder’s ‘kids become victims to the most heinous homicide known to man so he feels the pain an [sic]we will call his kids not victims but b******s.’

Another threatened that this term of Schroeders will be his last as a judge.

“Enjoy your term, judge, it’s going to be your LAST. If I ever meet you in person, I fully intend to spit directly into your face, regardless the cost. You’re disgusting,” the letter reads.

Schroeder himself has acknowledged the “thousands of communications” he’s received over the course of the trial. While most of the emails arrived under anonymous circumstances or pseudonyms, a few did use their real names such as the man who threatened the spit in his face.


Schroeder promised to deal with them saying “I wouldn’t want to be those people.”

This is likely not going to surprise anyone. Death threats to public figures are very common, but what can’t be overlooked here is the hypocrisy exhibited by those who claim Rittenhouse is the villain here. Opinions about Schroeder and the way he oversaw the trial aside, his children have nothing to do with it and have no business being invoked.

This matters little to a rabid mob, however. What’s more, those who want Rittenhouse charged and locked away for good are perfectly willing to dismiss any logic regarding the case, such as the fact that Rittenhouse only ever acted out of self-defense and against confirmed violent criminals, one of whom has a history of sexual assault against a minor.

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These people are openly referring to these criminals as “heroes” while they claim Rittenhouse is a dangerous white supremacist and hoping the judge’s children meet a horrific end.


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