The Establishment Media Wants Us Gone

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The establishment media doesn’t like us. We destroy their narratives, counter their talking points, and generally make their lives a lot harder. Since time immemorial, they’ve been trying to silence us. No matter what form we take they have some sort of plan to either reduce our presence in society or eliminate us from the equation altogether.


As RedState’s managing editor Jennifer Van Laar highlighted yesterday, RedState and right-of-center sites like ours are constantly under the highest scrutiny. “Fact-checking” sites like AP and Politifact are constantly breathing down our necks and there are consequences to not appeasing them. As Van Laar highlighted, we don’t tend to cave and this impacts our revenue since getting flags attached to our site, which then triggers a revenue drop.

These rules don’t seem to apply to any mainstream or left-of-center sites. If they did, they’d stop blatantly lying or misrepresenting facts, which they don’t.

Here’s the thing. It’s not about us, it’s about you.

The biggest weakness about the left’s narratives is that they only thrive in a vacuum, which is exactly why they tend to find reasons to punish and silence us. It’s much easier to pass off the idea that there is no border crisis or that Biden is the greatest uniter since the last guy to the people who don’t work in this industry when people who do work here are constantly pointing out the emperor’s total lack of clothing.

They want to sell you complacency. They want you to think it’s all in hand. They want you to sleep.

While you, loyal reader, are a bit more politically savvy, not everyone has the time to sit and monitor the political world. Many people wake up, go to work, come home, spend time with their children, then spend what time they do have to themselves relaxing in various ways.


And that’s perfectly okay. This kind of comfort is the American dream. However, what news they do get comes in sporadically. They may see headlines in a tweet, or see a celebrity comment on it, or overhear it from a radio announcer. This bite-sized news is absolutely perfect ground for narrative control, especially when you own mainstream platforms.

For those not paying attention, this kind of news feed can become indoctrination very quickly. The proof can be seen in the way mainstream culture is under the direct control of leftist tastemakers. It’s why they can completely deny science while calling themselves the party of science. It’s why they can continue to abuse the groups they say they protect without overwhelming blowback. It’s why they can sell the idea that their opponents are pure evil and too many people will just swallow the lie without any question.

For decades, the mainstream media has had its monologue going at full blast until, one day, radio happened and one Rush Limbaugh began throwing wrenches into gears. They hated him for it and tried various ways to get him shut down. Then Fox News came along and began introducing more voices. Then the internet happened and alternative news sites began appearing.

We’re gaining ground. We’ve never been louder, and the left has never been more afraid. Their long-held monologue has now turned into a dialogue, and to compensate they’ve begun actively attempting to punish and censor anyone who disagrees.


But an animal is always most vicious when it’s cornered, and that’s what you’re seeing here. These attacks on us aren’t offensive moves, they’re defensive. It’s one more attempt to regain full control, not just of the narrative, but of you.

If they can just sell you the lie and define the world for you without issue, they get all the power back. We’d very much not like to let that happen, not just as professionals but as people who actually live here and want to be free from the power-hunger would-be tyrants.

This is why we need you. This isn’t just RedState vs. the media, this is all of us vs. the establishment. We’re not fighting for you, we’re fighting alongside you. Just like it’s not us they want control of but you, it’s not us they’re truly afraid of, it’s you.

That’s why we would really appreciate you joining our VIP program. With your support, their attempts to silence us will be like trying to break a brick wall with a spoon. Their efforts to deplatform and break us financially won’t matter. We can speak how we want without worry that it will break those of us who work as the voice of the silent majority financially. We can say truths they don’t want us to say or introduce ideas they’d rather you not think about and they’ll have no weapon to silence us with.

Right now is the best time and not just because they’ve been after us like never before.

We’re making this cheaper than ever before. On sign-up, just enter promo-code 2022 to receive a whopping 40 percent off. Not only will you be helping us, but you’ll also get access to podcasts, videos, and articles that you won’t get with basic front-page access. Just click this link to begin the sign-up process.


A huge thanks to those of you who have already joined up and made us stronger and stronger. The future only looks brighter every day because of your efforts.

As we head into 2022 the fight is only going to get more desperate and having you on our side makes all the difference. Let’s put them on the back foot.

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