Wokeness Is Dying but It's Still Destroying America - Take Note of Those Who Defend It

AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

Woke politics is past its prime and its stock is falling in America. The juggernaut that was the social justice community seems to have hit its ceiling in terms of societal influence and power as Americans have begun turning their back on the permanently outraged both in the voting booth and in the public square.

For decades, social justice advocates slow-played their hand but as it’s becoming more and more clear that the concern for marginalized groups was really just a grift meant to increase the political power of Democrats. As the grift became more and more apparent and destructive, Democrats seemed to panic and began doubling down on the idea that America is a racist, sexist, homophobic, and all-around bigoted country to the point of absurdity.

For instance, we now have the left referring to a black woman who beat them as a “white supremacist.”

While the influence of woke culture is definitely on the decline, it’s by no means defeated. It’s still the lens through which mainstream culture sees itself in the west. Major networks, movies, and more still have to meet a standard level of wokeness in order to pass as acceptable for mainstream consumption. The pockets of sanity where political correctness is tossed to the side and honest conversation or art can shine through are growing but they’re still islands in a sea of nonsense.

But these islands have grown large enough for us to see the contrast between them and that troubles woke tastemakers to no end. At this point, they’ve swapped from going on the offensive to being on the defensive as more and more questions arise.

As my colleague Bonchie pointed out, New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is already trying to frame this growing anti-woke movement as a purely right-wing, elderly, and, of course, racist.

This is a lie, especially if you pull back and see who the most highlighted anti-woke people in our society are right now. You, of course, have those like Ben Shapiro and Steven Crowder, however, they can easily be dismissed by those not willing to follow politics too closely.

What’s hard to ignore is the increasing level of celebrities and athletes who are openly turning against it. It’s much harder to shrug off the likes of Dave Chappell and Ricky Gervais. Twitter may try to turn their hate upon Aaron Rodgers, but he’s already got a deep fandom that is listening to him and hearing the points he’s making.

Chappell, Gervais, and Rodgers are hardly right-wing pundits and their pull in their respective group is too large for cancelation. What’s more, woke culture is demanding that people take sides and they’re choosing these men.

Rest assured, this will happen more and more as time goes on. More people will speak out and reject the idea of woke culture and as woke culture attempts to cancel them, more people will reject woke culture. It will be actual unity against actual oppression as seen for the first time in a long time.

At this point, those who support this oppression will reveal themselves as they attempt to hold onto the power they’ve accumulated using false attacks, guilt, and intimidation. Take note of those who tell you that the shrinking of woke culture is “dangerous” and ask to whom it’s actually dangerous.

As more women, minorities, and LGBT people begin rejecting wokeness, it’ll be clear that the only people it’s dangerous to are those who utilize social justice to grift their way into wealth and power. It’s only dangerous to the cowards that preemptively caved to it.

These people are the ones that will defend it and we should take note of who they are and why they are doing it. Who are they attempting to grift and where is the money they’re accumulating as a result of their grifting going? Who truly benefits from their work?

A huckster always leaves a paper trail, we just have to be willing to look at it, and as the social justice blinders slowly get removed from society, these trails will be easier to see.


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