Who Are the Dangerous Radicals Again?

AP Photo/Craig Mitchelldyer

Listening to the left for any amount of time and you’ll likely hear how the right is somehow filled to the brim with extremist groups, terrorists, and violent radicals. Try to argue this and they’ll scream to the rafters about January 6, Kyle Rittenhouse, and Orange Man, who I’m told is bad.

They believe this so deeply that even mainstream news anchors are openly advocating that media outlets treat Republicans with far more scrutiny and, dare I say, prejudice than they do the left. Brian Stelter, for instance, seems to think if the media doesn’t start going harder on Republicans and continue its “centrist” reporting, then it will only serve to make these radical Republicans even more radical.

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Odd stance to take seeing as how radicalism on the right pales in comparison with the radicalism on the left. What’s more, this radicalism on the left is coming from the top of the left’s food chain, be it the White House and its most popular media talking heads. It was, after all, Biden that called Antifa an “idea” and Chris Cuomo who decided that defending Antifa was a good idea.

What’s more, it’s the left’s radicalism that is constantly getting innocent people killed. According to Fox News, the city of Austin, Texas, decided to defund its police force. Austin has now experienced its 75th homicide, a large spike from the 48 it had in 2020. It should be no surprise that this surge in homicides lined up with a surge in police officers leaving the APD after the Austin City Council voted to strip funding from the department as the leftist George Floyd/BLM riots were happening in 2020.

Who are the radicals again?

Speaking of Texas, the Texas House has recently begun investigating schools within the state to root out the existence of radicalizing books, some of which contain the teaching of critical race theory and graphic depictions of homosexual sex. The left is already attempting to paint the Texas House as book burners, yet some of these books they’re after also contain approving stories of pedophilic sex. These leftists want to keep these books in school libraries for your children to read and learn from.

Who are the radicals again?

Portland, Oregon, recently suffered a massive riot that caused $500,000 in damages. If you’re asking why police didn’t stop this, it’s because they literally can’t. The city has tied their hands on the matter and made it to where they can’t utilize effective means of riot control, only allowing law enforcement to make arrests after thorough investigations. Police are frustrated and Portlanders are living in fear, yet the city’s hard-left leadership can’t watch a member of Antifa sneeze without applauding it.

Who are the radicals again?

The Biden administration wants to reward illegal immigrants who broke the laws of our nation with $450,000 of your money because of inconveniences they suffered from family separation when they got here. Why? Not sure. The only way this move makes sense, especially in the midst of a border crisis, is if you want the border crisis to actually get worse, which it will. The only people who want this border crisis to get worse are people who believe America is evil and that in order for it to become a better, more inclusive (less white) place is to flood the country with aliens whom they could possibly convince to vote their way. Meanwhile, crime is spiking across the nation and prices are through the roof.

Who are the radicals again?

It’s them. They’re the radicals. There’s no arguing the fact.


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