Tucker Carlson's New January 6 Documentary Is Already Triggering Leftist Organizations

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Fox News host and the current cable news king Tucker Carlson announced that after much research and investigation, he’s releasing a multi-part series about the January 6 riots that cuts through a lot of the media posturing and speculation and gets down to the facts.


The event on January 6 is one of the most contentious topics discussed today with many questions still hanging in the air about it and no shortage of oddities. It’s these oddities and questions that Carlson is looking to address, and get as close to the truth as he possibly can.

Naturally, this is causing many on the left to lose it and the narrative that Carlson is an unhinged conspiracy theorist has already begun.

“Tucker Carlson Made a Jan. 6 ‘Documentary’ and It Looks Completely Unhinged,” reads a Vice headline.

“He’s Writing Tucker’s Deranged Jan. 6 Movie—After Directing a Pizzagater’s Opus,” said the Daily Beast of co-writer Scooter Downey.

“Rep. Swalwell: New Tucker Carlson documentary on Jan. 6 ‘a tribute video for the terrorists’,” cried MSNBC.


But it’s not just leftist media sources throwing hissy fits. It would appear hard-leftist organizations are chiming in as well. Notably, Jonathan Greenblatt of the Anti-Defamation League issued an open letter to Lachlan Murdoch, CEO of Fox News, and used every buzzword in the book to put pressure on either him to stop it from airing or viewers to stop from believing any of it.

Greenblatt, before even having seen the documentary, wrote that he’s “once again” writing Fox News about his “deep alarm about the dangerous misinformation” that the network continues to allow Carlson to relay to his viewers. He proceeded to call the people Carlson interviewed about the matter “a laundry list of disinformation artists.”


“Let’s call this what it is: an abject, indisputable lie and a blatant attempt to rewrite history,” wrote Greenblatt. “As an organization committed to fighting antisemitism and all forms of hate, we remain deeply concerned that the false narrative and wild conspiracy theories presented by Carlson will sow further divisions and has the potential to animate violence.”

Greenblatt went on to suggest that Carlson is a white supremacist while he chest thumped about how his group has been monitoring “hate groups” for decades. He then attempted to ask where the line was and asked how many more people needed to die before Fox would stop being Fox.

To be clear, Greenblatt and the ADL have been targeting Carlson and attempting to convince others that he’s somehow a white supremacist for some time. Carlson’s status as the number one cable news show, far outpacing left-leaning news programs, has made him the target of many outrageous claims from the left, including the ADL.

Keep in mind that the ADL is a hard-left fringe organization that supports leftist politics come hell or high water with few exceptions. As Tablet magazine covers, it’s an organization dedicated to combating antisemitism that spends an inordinate amount of time focusing on instances (and non-instances) on the right and almost none on the left. This is the same ADL that issued a guide on how to dress your child for Halloween to avoid cultural appropriation and not reinforce gender norms. It also spends time defending the radical domestic terrorist group Antifa.


The ADL embraced the radical left philosophy of intersectionalism and has since become an organization that utilizes its once great name to bludgeon the left’s political opponents and push leftist narratives.

“The ADL has lost its identity… I can only imagine how sad Abe [Foxman] must be,” a former ADL staffer told The Federalist. “He dedicated his entire life to try to help Jewish people feel they had someone who had their back. And then less than five years after he leaves, his life’s work is in ashes… [Greenblatt] wants the ADL to basically be a Jewish-lite organization that gets involved in fights it has no place being in, like Hispanic hate crime. It’s not their lane. It’s bad, but not anti-Semitic.”

Greenblatt himself is a former Obama staffer.

This history of the organization and Greenblatt should be understood as it helps one understand that when it comes to Carlson’s documentary, it’s likely not about the potential to inflame violence from the right. In fact, the groups the ADL tends to like to run defense for like Antifa and Black Lives Matter rioters are responsible for more destruction and violence than the right, especially in 2020.

What this is really about is Carlson disrupting the narrative and introducing angles and facts that were hitherto unknown or hidden. It’s likely that there will be a good bit of this information that’s wholly inconvenient to the left, and the ADL, Vice, MSNBC, and other leftist organizations can’t have that.


Moreover, if they’ve gotten pre-screenings or information on what is featured in the documentary, and they’re reacting this viscerally to it, then Carlson must be hitting a nerve somewhere in there. They’re attempting to sell the idea that this documentary is dangerous, and one has to wonder “to whom?”


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