Biden Just Slapped You Across the Face With Your Own Money

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

Imagine someone breaks into your apartment and begins attempting to take up residence there. Naturally, you’d kick them out. You might call the police to assist you in removing these guests that you did not invite in or ask to move in with you. Imagine that your landlord hears about this and instead of reinforcing the locks and apologizing profusely for the lapse in security, he proceeds to chastise you and the police, and then offers the people who broke into your apartment all the rent money you paid him for the last three years.

That’s exactly what Joe Biden is doing when it comes to our southern border and those who cross it illegally.

Biden’s border crisis is out of control and there’s no denying this. Even the mainstream media can’t put enough paint over that much rust. Images, stories, and videos of wave after wave of illegal immigrants can be seen on news channels, yet if you were to ask the Democrats and their lapdog media what’s going on, they’ll literally tell you that everything is fine.

It’s not. The proof is everywhere. ICE arrests are declining at a rapid rate, our holdover facilities are overflowing to the point where we’re having to create makeshift ones under bridges, and horrifying sites such as abandoned children are becoming a regular site to ranchers and farmers who live on the border.

And that’s only the icing on this cake.

But now, on top of that, Biden has decided to give the people who broke into your apartment money…for breaking into your apartment.

As RedState covered yesterday, the Biden administration is looking to pay every illegal immigrant who had their families separated from them at the border around $450,000 each for their trouble.

To be clear, the Democrats are in talks to pay people nearly half a million dollars for breaking the law.

This is the same administration that decided to hand you $2,000 and tell you to like it while they locked you down, destroyed your livelihood, stopped you from attending funerals of loved ones or visiting them in the hospital, over a virus with a 99-plus percent survival rate.

It gets worse.

As Rep. Dan Crenshaw of Texas pointed out, if you’re in the military and you die while serving your country, the government gives your next of kin $400,000. That’s $50,000 less than what Biden wants to give illegal immigrants for breaking the law.

The unfairness is bad enough, but also think of just how much this will inflame an already raging case of illegal immigration. Once this news becomes mainstream, there will be a wave of illegal immigrants attempting to get themselves pretty inconvenienced in some way, including having their children taken from them, in hopes that at some point the U.S. government will take the money given to it by taxpayers and throw it at them in large chunks.

Biden and his administration have done quite a bit to insult and harm the American people, but this may be one of the biggest slaps across our faces yet. The unfairness, the irresponsibility, and the hubris to believe that this move is okay are off the charts. This administration has utilized its power to enact insult and injury on the American people at every turn. Be it killing jobs or attempting to move the DOJ against outraged parents attempting to stop public schools from brainwashing their children, this administration has acted with nothing short of radicalized, reckless abandon.

Even if Democrats aren’t able to pull this off, it’s more than enough reason to kick them to the curb in 2022. It’s clear that a sweeping Republican victory is necessary to stop this because this lunacy is going to lead to a fallen nation.


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