Democrats Feuding With Elon Musk Is Proof Positive They're the Party of Regression

Britta Pedersen/Pool via AP

Elon Musk can’t seem to find friends on the Democrat Party’s side of the aisle and it would appear that the farther left you go, the less of a fan of Musk and his many businesses they seem to be.

For instance, New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez seems to despise Musk and his most famous business, Tesla. She believes that the government’s investment in the electric car manufacturer was a bad one.

It hasn’t stopped her from owning one, however. Nor has it stopped her from illegally parking it outside of an Amazon-owned grocery store, a corporation she’s also made trouble for in the past.

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The dislike of Musk has only gotten worse. Recently, his company SpaceX, known for creating reusable rocket boosters that cut down on costs and waste, sent civilians into space for charity. All proceeds were to go to St. Jude’s Research Hospital. It’s a two-in-one moment of greatness for, not just Musk, but all of humanity.

Civilian space flight has been a dream for ages, and we’re finally taking our first steps in that direction.

What did the Biden administration have to say about it?

Absolutely nothing. This great moment was snubbed by the leader of the Democrats, causing Musk to retaliate with Snark as reported by the Daily Wire:

The initiative, however, received no recognition from President Biden. One of Musk’s followers on Twitter asked: “The President of the United States has refused to even acknowledge the 4 newest American astronauts who helped raise hundreds of millions of dollars for St. Jude. What’s your theory on why that is?”

“He’s still sleeping,” Musk responded.

The Biden administration’s apparent refusal to acknowledge the mission comes after it snubbed Tesla, which Musk also leads, by not inviting it to an electric vehicle summit — because the firm does not have unionized workers.

It’s bad enough that so many on the left seem angry about these billionaires building rockets and aircraft capable of transporting regular people like you and me through spcace. It’s a fit of anger I consider to be backward and regressive, but now it’s happening in an official capacity.

As I’ve previously written, these evil billionaires are opening the door for human advancement, and a big part of that advancement involves leaving the Earth. Out there await new discoveries that will advance humanity and eliminate problems we consider unsolvable here on this planet.

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Musk is clearly a part of that future, if not the primary driving force. Snubbing him is akin to snubbing the future.

And herein lies a very solid point we should all be aware of.

The Democrats turn their backs on Musk for two reasons. For one, many Democrats are radicalized and hate billionaires. They consider their wealth to be an egregious corruption and proof that the capitalist system is evil. They think the billions of Musk and others like Bezos should be taken from them and given to government programs.

The other part of the Democrat party, namely elected officials, don’t like Musk because it’s useful not to. They feel they have to adhere to the first group’s thoughts and feelings and so they turn their back on them. What’s more, they do it because they want to pressure Musk into adopting systems of control that would put him further under their thumb. As Daily Wire reported above, they snubbed Musk first because he’s not using union labor, and union labor and Democrats go hand in hand.

If Democrats truly cared about humanity’s advancement they would be applauding Musk and encouraging support for him. They aren’t. They’re openly showing their disapproval because he’s not supporting their causes and being a living counterpoint to their very ideological position.

While Musk is looking up and thinking about how to bring humanity the stars, the Democrats are looking at you and wondering how they can bring you under their rule. They can’t rightly do that if you’re too busy cheering on and wanting to support their enemies.

Democrats are not about the future of humanity, they’re about the future of their rule.


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