Of Their List of Demands, Netflix Should Give the Trans Protesters This One

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So far, I’ve actually been impressed with the way Netflix brass is handling the ongoing protest from its trans employees. As you can see below, they’ve really shown up and shown out and it’s a wonder how Netflix is handling all of this pressure.


These employees issued a list of “demands” which, so far, have been shot down by Netflix co-CEO Ted Sarandos. Credit where it’s due, but I expected him to cave pretty quickly. He hasn’t, but piles of money will influence people to do all sorts of things, including keeping “woke” principles at arm’s length.

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But there is one I do hope they grant. As Breitbart pointed out the “2SLGBTQQIA+” (not a typo) are demanding that more 2SLGBTQQIA+ content begin appearing on the platform:

Chief among their demands was the creation of a monetary fund to invest in “trans and non-binary” talent and content in order to create parity with the company’s “total investment in transphobic content” — another indirect reference to The Closer.

Now, you might be asking why I want this granted, and it’s because I’m a huge fan of one piece of wisdom handed down by Napoleon Bonaparte.

“Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.”


Let’s be real. Woke content is trash and nobody likes it. It’s less storytelling and more propaganda. There’s a reason why woke content tends to be some of the least viewed out there. The phrase “get woke, go broke” wasn’t created in a vacuum. It came about because when corporations began producing woke content or making decisions based on the woke ideology, they began to lose viewers and readers by the boatload.

You can ask DC Comics about this, which went from being a powerhouse of storytelling and comic sales to a shadow of its former great self, forced to relegate itself to pushing woke messaging meant to outrage former fans so it can make headlines and push sales through spite.

What’s more, the best way to teach people just how ridiculous a person is is to let that person say what they will. The cool thing about free speech is that people are more than happy to tell you who they are through their opinions.

Right now, as we’re seeing through various means, we’re seeing that many of the things they’re pushing on society are borderline criminal, such as the “Gender Queer” book being displayed in schools. Books like these feature homosexual acts and promotions of pedophilia.


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Do I want them to make pedophilic content? God no. “Cuties” was bad enough, but these kinds of books show us just how far they’re willing to go in order to push their ideas on people. So, let’s see where they’ll try going if Netflix gives them a green light.

I say, let them make their content, and let them be discriminatory in their hiring as well. Let them only hire trans, bipoc, two-spirit, etc., etc., etc., and really bubble themselves into their ideologically-driven art. When they create something that is so bad that crosses well into disgusting, the nation will learn, corporations will learn, and society will be better for it.

Go nuts.


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